And somehow another week…

And somehow another week slipped by without my noticing. I think that's mostly because I'm feeling better -- every day for the past week, I've been in a little less pain, which meant that I felt able to do a little more work, and so I've either been lying in bed (obedient to the doctors' instructions) or working pretty much all the time. I'm actually almost caught up. Also, my house is almost clean. Two bathrooms and one desk to go.

One big thing left to do is to transform the tv room into a nursery. We waffled about this for a long time, thinking maybe we'd just keep the crib in our bedroom, but in the end, with Kev's and my complex sleep schedules, it seemed like the baby might actually get more sleep if she got her own room and didn't have us wandering in and out all the time. Plus, she has a lot of stuff, and we need someplace to put it. So we're moving the tv downstairs to the living room, which has good and bad points. Bad: we don't want our home to center around the tv, which is easy to have happen when it's in the main room. Good: the space it's in will now be big enough that friends can watch movies with us, which we imagine may be useful in the months to come when we can't leave the house! :-)

The crib and dresser are coming on Wednesday, so sometime before then, we need to coax some friends over to help move stuff around. I am not allowed to lift heavy things, so I will be in a strictly supervisory capacity. It's weird, being such an invalid. Yesterday, I tried to chase Ellie around the dining table (one of her favorite games, esp. in winter when she's mostly house-bound and stir-crazy) and three minutes of doing that resulted in sharp stabbing pains that made it impossible to stand up straight. Luckily, they went away very quickly, but I think I really have to limit my exertion to very mild yoga-type stuff from now on. And long walks, once it gets warmer out.

On the one hand, it's sort of nice to have an excuse not to exercise (and to eat much yummy food). On the other hand -- well, it's just weird. Pregnancy is weird in so many ways. I know it is, in some sense, this completely natural thing. But it doesn't feel natural to me. It feels like I'm asking my body to do this thing that's rather intrusive and difficult and that it's not well-trained for. Maybe if I'd been more like my grandmother, and had eight kids between the ages of eighteen and thirty, my body might be more used to the process. Or maybe I'd just be even more exhausted now...

Here's my question: when do I get to feel not-tired again? When baby is born? At six months? One year? Later?

4 thoughts on “And somehow another week…”

  1. I felt great and had tons of energy the second trimester. I got up early, but of course had to nap a lot.
    The important thing is to nap when the baby naps. That said, I think I’ve had one or two good nights of sleep since R was born. But it’s getting better. You just have to be a sleeping slut and sleep when you get the chance. Nap at the drop of a hat! It’s the only way.

  2. My son is 18. My daughter is 15. There is no such thing as not being tired once you have a child 🙂 You start out physically exhausted from lack of sleep (which starts during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, just to prepare you for the sleepless nights to come), progress to the point of collapse as you chase a recalcitrant toddler from one tantrum to another, and then move into the wonderful world of adolescence when the fatigue moves from the physical to the mental and emotional. Every moment of every day is pervaded by thoughts of, concerns about, and worries for your children. ANd throughout it all you realize that wouldn’t have wanted your life to be any other way.

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