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[formerly private entry]

Oof. Yesterday was a rough day. Woke up in a fair bit of pain, and we were out of the regular Tylenol, so I took the Tylenol with codeine, which promptly made me groggy. I spent the rest of the day half-dozing and half-reading Brust's Dragon; I think it took me something like eight hours to make it through a fairly skinny book, because I kept falling asleep every few pages. Surprisingly, I usually woke up to find my hands still keeping the book open, so I can't have been sleeping very deeply.

Thankfully Kev was home and able to take care of me. He took my breakfast order and brought me breakfast in bed -- eggs and toast and sausage and mango juice and tea, because despite the pain, I was pretty hungry. Baby still wants to eat, I guess. It was just like being in the hospital except our bed doesn't go half upright at a touch of a button, which I have to say is a pretty useful function when moving causes pain. Also, he's a better cook than the hospital folk. And in the afternoon, he ran the errands I had planned to run, going to PetSmart and Walgreens (bringing back some regular Tylenol, among other things desperately needed).

After I switched to regular Tylenol, I definitely felt more awake, and ate a sandwich, which promptly made me queasy. Sigh. But after a while I gave up on trying to be upright and deal with e-mail, and went upstairs to lie down again, and my stomach settled down almost immediately. I think I need to learn how to type while lying down. I can't rest the computer on my stomach, because that hurts too much. I'm typing lying on my side right now, which doesn't hurt yet, but seems like it might not be the best long-term plan, as I'm all twisted about at funny angles. (Yes, I could try *not* typing, but I am so very very behind on e-mail that it's scary, and some of it is time-sensitive. Besides, if I can't even whine pathetically to you guys, this really would be no fun at all.)

I was awake enough in the end to watch last week's Battlestar Galactica and talk for a little while to both Jed and Roshani -- astonishingly, Roshani and I have somehow managed to not talk in five months! I don't know how that happened. She moved to Philly, and has been busy and frantic trying to get settled there with Tom and the girls, and I suppose I was just barely coping with much of my life the last few months. I knew I was talking to friends a lot less, because I just didn't have the energy, but I hadn't realized that it had been five months since we talked at all! Weird.

Now we're all caught up though, and she's given me lots of baby advice, though she prefaced it by saying that I should be careful to ignore most of the advice I'm being given since pregnancy and child-rearing is so individual and specific to you and the needs of the specific child. Good advice from a pediatrician. :-) I think I'll take it.

Today, I hurt, but at least right now, it's not as bad as yesterday. Hopefully it'll keep getting better, not worse.

One blessing of this week is that we finally got around to calling a cleaning service and having them come in and do the bathrooms and kitchen, which were truly disgusting. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have a clean house. (Oh, there are still masses of clothes to put away, but that's more messy, rather than actually dirty, and is thus easier to bear. Plus it's all confined to one bedroom; the rest of the house is bascially neat.) I just feel so much more sane when the house is clean; much better able to concentrate and get work done. I think on our baby shower registry, we're going to put gift certificates for cleaning, because once baby comes, I suspect it's going to be really difficult to find energy to scrub bathrooms!

Owie -- left hand has started hurting. Okay, time for a break from typing, at least in this position...

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  1. The advice to ignore advice is excellent advice, which I heartily second. 🙂

    I think most people are under the impression that parents have chosen their parenting styles for personal, ideological, scientific, or whatever reasons — from ruminating, reading, listening to advice, etc., and then making up there own minds. My own experience and observation says that this is about 20% true; the other 80% is decided by the child (i.e., by frenzied trial and error until you hit on something that works with that child right then); any ideological, etc., justification then comes later…. 🙂

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. I’m sure that’s right. Kev and I have been talking off and on about one ideological point though — spanking vs. no-spanking, particularly apropos given the recent California legislative proposal.

    Left to my own devices, I probably would’ve spanked on occasion, but he’s firmly anti-, and his parents apparently managed to raise two kids without *ever* spanking them, and neither one got killed crossing the road or anything. So I’ve promised to do my best not to ever spank/hit/etc. We’ll see how well that resolution holds up…

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