Whew! Lots of e-mail…

Whew! Lots of e-mail and planning done this morning. It's so weird -- sometimes I think I could run both the SLF and DesiLit on just one day a month, as long as I focused down and did the work. In actual fact, of course, if you count in events and meetings and the like, it's more like 3-4 days/month. And if you count in both general procrastinating and more serious being too depressed/stressed to focus, it's more like lucky if I get in a few hours every few months. But mornings like today remind me how much I can get done, if I'm in the mood to do it.

Kev and I made a belated New Year's resolution yesterday -- less tv. We both want to get more work done this coming year, and we've been watching entirely too much tv in the last six months. So we're restricting it to no re-runs -- we've deleted them all off the Tivo season pass manager. Goodbye, Friends, at least for now. And we're going to try to actually watch tv only during restricted hours; something like 7-9 p.m. and maybe half an hour first thing in the morning, while waking up. With a goal of no more than hour or so/day total. We'll see how it goes.

Okie -- now off to Nilofer's for lunch, then hopefully back here for some writing in the afternoon. No house-cleaning done yet, but s'okay; I can live with a sinkful of dirty dishes, right? I just need to avoid going into the kitchen... (Hmm....now I see the downside to an open floor plan -- all the mess is visible from all three downstairs 'rooms'. If I could just shut a door on it, it'd be easier to ignore... :-)

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