We think we’ve made a…

We think we've made a decision. And then Kevin says, 'but what about this?' Or someone else sends us an e-mail with new information. Or we meet with someone who tells us something useful. And then it's back to indecision again. Now it's starting to drive me a bit mad. They're both good options -- go to England or don't. At this point, I just want to decide, dammit.

In other news, it's time to start getting ready for the new semester. Well, okay, it was time to start getting ready a while back, since classes start Monday. And yes, my books are being ordered a bit late, I know. But my students will forgive me, I hope. This semester will be a bit unusual for me, as I'm teaching two intro-level composition classes, and one advanced graduate fiction class. A wide range of writing skills at play. Hopefully, at any rate. :-)

Today, the plan is to try to clean up the downstairs a bit, catch up on e-mail and bills, hopefully write some, and go visit Nilofer in her grand new house up in Evanston. I happy for her that she buy big house, sad for us that she is so much further away. This weekend will mostly be course prep, I think, though I'm also having a few folks over for brunch on Sunday. It's no ordinary brunch, though -- it's a wake for the hardcover of Bodies in Motion, which has recently been remaindered. Please take a moment to mourn my poor book.

Thankfully, the trade paperback is still in print, and looks like it will stay in print for some time, at least. But the hardcovers are all gone, destroyed, aside from a) the ones that sold (which, thankfully, was most of them), and b) a few hundred that I bought at cost. I'll be selling them super-cheap at the brunch, and slightly less cheaply at the Kriti festival in Chicago in April. If you're in Chicago and want to come to brunch, let me know. At this point, my goal is not to make money on these copies, but just to get the books out into the hands of people who might enjoy them (and, honestly, might then be motivated to buy future books of mine when they come out :-).

If you're not in Chicago, for a limited time (i.e., the next week or so, until we put the remaining copies into storage), I'm willing to sell signed hardcover copies and mail them to you for $5 + shipping. E-mail if interested. I know some of you are thinking -- 'but I already own a copy.' The real question is -- do all your friends and relatives already own a copy? and how much do you love them?

By the way, if you've already read the book and liked it, it's not too late to post an Amazon review. Those really do help sell books, and will likely help keep the paperback in print, so even if you just want to post a few lines saying you liked it (eloquence is not required), that'd be really appreciated. I'm not certain, but I think the best place to post it would be on the page for the trade paperback edition. Thanks.

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  1. Oh that makes me cry! I lent my copy of the Hardbound to my boss (he’s from India and was interested) then ended up quitting before I got it back. Now I would only be contacting him to say ‘Umm… book please?’ and it has been a year.

    Wah… I liked my hardcover.

    And boy would I like to take you up on the shipping offer. Lemme look at my funds.

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