A nice bit of news this…

A nice bit of news this morning -- Bodies in Motion received an Honorable Mention from the Asian American Book Awards:

2005 Poetry/Prose Book Awards

We would like to give an honorable mention to Bodies in Motion: Stories by Mary Anne Mohanraj (New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2005). Not only is Bodies sensual, historically ambitious, deeply felt, and provocative in its embrace of a wide range of love and family stories; it is also formally innovative. In contrast to a more traditional family chronicle in which the familys tale moves forward within a linear historical narrative, often associated with a transnational familys attempted assimilation into one or two nations, Mohanraj cuts backward and forward in time and across oceans to risk a new and unconventional form. In addition, it adds to small but growing literature by and about Sri Lankan North Americans.

I'm pleased. :-)

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