Kevin’s out of town at…

Kevin's out of town at the moment, interviewing in Ann Arbor, so it's just me and puppy at home. But we're keeping busy. Yesterday was an unseasonably beautiful day, fifty degrees and sunny, so we took a long walk and spent an hour at the dog park. There was much frantic running. (By puppy, not me.) Other than that, it's been mostly recovering from the holidays -- resting, reading, relaxing, and of course, cleaning up the house, which was left in a slightly disastrous state.

This morning, breakfast with Fawzia (I think?), and then a bunch of small errands: dropping off dry-cleaning, picking up a plant stand, that kind of thing. I need to make a phone call in late afternoon to fill in the new director of the next Rasaka show on where things are so far; other than that, just try to motivate to write.

I've been a little stalled on the nonfiction book -- there's so much I want to put into it that I think I'm getting intimidated. I should just write the simpler bits, maybe, but they're starting to feel a bit dull without the other stuff. Not sure what the best approach is. Maybe the long flight to England on Sunday will inspire me? (Or maybe I'll actually sleep, which would be a better plan.)

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