Happiness is Forgetting…

Happiness is Forgetting to Kiss You

Every year
since I was eighteen
I've worried
who I would kiss
on New Year's Eve

It's good luck
you know
that midnight kiss

I wanted you
but you were often
far away
in one sense
or another

Last night
we stayed in
ordered sushi
watched sci-fi

I went to bed
before ten
completely forgetting
about that kiss

You tucked me in
kissed me goodnight
the way you do
every night
these days

Luckiest New Year

2 thoughts on “Happiness is Forgetting…”

  1. Aw, I love this! Both as poetry and as a glimpse into your life. Yay.

    I’m just catching up and wanted to comment on your November 26th entry where you asked for opinions about your hair, but the entry won’t let me post there anymore so I’ll post it here. Actually I was going to comment even before I realised you’d asked for feedback. I was going to say: Hey, you look really beautiful! So why are you in the background and we’re sitting here staring at a turkey’s ass?

    On that note, happy new year 🙂

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