So, we’ve been talking…

So, we've been talking for a while about creating an online writing workshop for DesiLit. We're ready to set it up, but the one thing we need first are some volunteers to be coordinators. I have some people who have agreed to do it, but they're already doing a lot for DesiLit, and it'd be great to have some new folks so the work is spread out more and no one gets overburdened. So this is what's needed:

Coordinators would:

  • approve and deny memberships (through yahoogroups, all members initially approved on agreeing to participation requirements)
  • send out a monthly mail reminding members of list procedures (this could be automated)
  • track SUBS/CRITS sent to the list on a master tracking sheet (the list messages could be directed into a separate folder and counted once a month)
  • on the first of each month, post a note to the list summarizing the last month's subs and crits from members, i.e.:

    Ravi Shankar: 1 sub, 19 crits
    Jaya Patel: 5 subs, 0 crits (this method operates primarily through public shame :-)

  • send a warning message to members not fulfilling the participation requirements (at least 3 crits/month, and at least 1 sub every three months)
  • remove members who fail the requirements for three months running
So, basically, we're looking for a compulsively organized control freak sort of person, adept with e-mail and with good net access, who is willing to spend a few hours once a month in the service of keeping the workshop active. I've used this method before, and it's proven effective at motivating people to write and critique. Ideally we could use 2-3 coordinators, to cover in case of travel, illness, family emergencies, etc. And the position looks nice on an academic c.v., for the grad students among you. :-)

Any volunteers? E-mail if interested.

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