So, the big news is that…

So, the big news is that my computer crashed Saturday morning, and I've been without access to my files since then. Jed tried some fixes yesterday, but no luck, so I'm going to have to ship it into Apple. I'm going to ask Kevin to e-mail me my most critical files, but I only have e-mail intermittently (when Jed doesn't need his own computer), so for the interim, I'm going to be fairly absent from the net and work.

That's okay overall -- aside from grading my students' final papers as they come in this week (Tues and Thurs), I don't really need internet access. And we've been doing daily automated backups, so all my files should be safe enough. It's just a matter of slowly reconstructing. In the meantime, I'm going to try to rest a little, because it has been very harried for a very long time.

Friday I ran around like a maniac trying to get everything done, went in for a department meeting, did some more paperwork, went and performed at VOR. The show was great, though I had some trouble with my flute -- not really getting enough sound out for the first third of the song. Very frustrating. So out of practice. But people mostly seemed to think the piano was just drowning me out, so at least they blamed a different musician. :-) But Satya sang beautifully, and I hope we do more of this. I'd like to record that piece at least, so y'all can hear it. My favorite part of the show was Nikhil and Sheena's dance number, a combo of bharata natyam and other stuff, which actually was choreographed to connect to the political themes. Beautiful, powerful.

I came home, got to bed at 12:30, set my alarm for 3:30, hit snooze at 3:30 but managed to turn it off instead, woke in a panic at 4:20, was out the door by 4:45, which was too late to catch the train, but in good time to catch a cab to the airport so I could make my 6:30 flight.

Since arriving on Saturday, I've had lunch with David, taught my class, came back to Jed's and crashed hard. I think I fell asleep at 7:30. Sunday, we got up, had brunch with Thida and family, stopped by the farmer's market, drove up to S.F. to do a reading for Kearny Street, went to El and Ian's for dinner, where we also got to see Cliff, Wendy, and Daniel. The kids are huge. They're actual small people now, and not so small at that. I fell asleep on the couch, but I think I made it to 8:30, so I'm getting better.

I also read the Jennifer Cruisie / Bob Mayer collaboration, Don't Look Down. I like her stand-alones better. Too much shoot 'em up stuff getting in the way of the romance stuff in this one.

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