Jeez, it’s been days…

Jeez, it's been days since I posted. I didn't even realize. Busy here, in that sort of 'the days are just packed' kind of way, where I can get everything done as long as I don't take time to exercise, garden, pleasure-read, or breathe too much. No, this is not optimal. But really, truly, I do think I'm catching up, and it will be better soon. (My computer has also been hanging a lot lately, which is annoying and eats up more time than I can afford. I'm hoping this is a transient issue, since I haven't budgeted for a new computer this year.)

Okay, quick recap. Sunday was full of meetings and stuff -- SAPAC meeting here, Nikhil's educational sitar music concert in the evening. I learned stuff; it was good. Monday I think I just tried to churn through e-mail; boring to report, but productive day. Oh, and I went into campus to teach a make-up class, because I had to cancel a class last week in order to attend a meeting to get my summer course change approved. Tuesday, went in and taught, did admin work, met with students, then in the evening, went with Nilofer on her scheduled tour of the hospital where she will be giving birth very soon now! (She's due May 5th!) We went out for ice cream afterwards and talked for a while, then I came home, watched Scrubs and crashed hard. Not sleeping great lately, which makes me cranky.

Speaking of that summer course, in case any of you live in/near Chicago (please forward to anyone you think would be interested):

Writing Speculative Fiction: Roosevelt University Summer Course

In this class, students will write either short or novel-length speculative fiction. Speculative fiction is a catch-all term meant to inclusively span the breadth of fantastic fiction, encompassing fiction ranging from hard science fiction to epic fantasy to ghost stories to horror to folk and fairy tales to slipstream to magical realism to modern myth-making and more -- any fiction containing a fabulist or speculative element would be appropriate material for this course.

Instructor: Mary Anne Mohanraj ( Professor Mohanraj is the Director of the Speculative Literature Foundation, and founder and past editor-in-chief of Strange Horizons, a Hugo-nominated online magazine ( She is also the author of _Bodies in Motion_ (HarperCollins 2005), editor of several print anthologies, and recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Award.

June 3 - July 28
Saturdays, 9 - 1:30
Auditorium Building, 430 S. Michigan Ave.
Contact the Roosevelt University Registrar for more information and to register: 312-341-3535,

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