Had a long but pretty…

Had a long but pretty nice day yesterday. Woke up and worked on e-mail, went in and taught my social justice class, sat in my office and worked on e-mail some more, met with Ashley and worked on the SLF mentorship program (to be unveiled soon), attended the first reading for the new issues of the Oyez Review (Roosevelt's print literary magazine), a reading I quite enjoyed, then met Beth for dinner at Rodan.

Both of us were in the mood to pour out our recent stresses and anxities, so we contentedly did so, while I got moderately tipsy on some nice shiraz and devoured quite a bit of their fusion SE Asian/Latin American cuisine. It's not perhaps the most delicate food in the world -- they tend towards robust flavors which don't offer much in the way of subtlety. But it's interesting and hearty and tasty and good, and pretty reasonably priced for what it is. So, recommended.

Came home, v. sleepy, watched a tiny bit of tv with Kev and crashed hard.

Today, meeting with Janet at 12, brief meeting with Lisa Stolley (another teacher in the MFA program here who I haven't met yet), teach my online magazine course, where we'll talk today about various leadership/management structures. Then get groceries, come home, probably do a fair bit of household stuff for the rest of the day. Sounds like a good plan.

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