Finished chapter 18. …

Finished chapter 18. 118,000 words, roughly, with perhaps another 30,000 to go. Is that a long book? I've forgotten how the translation works. I have a feeling that's 500 pages, which seems long. Thida tells me that her book club won't usually read a book over 300 pages. The book doesn't feel long when you're reading it, I promise. Lots of dialogue, a page-turner. I think.

I think if I had time to do another full draft, I might end up cutting some (instead of adding, which was most of what I needed to do this draft). But not very much. There's just a lot that happens.

Okay, quick lunch break, then chapter 19, which should go fast. It's mostly okay as is, I think, though a bit short. Chapter 20 is also generally good, but needs the conflict levels ramped up. Still hopefully of finishing them (and Part IV with them) today, before the Kriti meeting at 5.

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  1. My usual rule of thumb is about 350 words per printed mass-market-paperback page. Hardcovers can vary a lot; Bodies in Motion has around 400-450 words per page. If Arrangement is the same, the hardcover may be around 350pp. (Very rough guess.) If there’s a mass-market pb edition, I would guess it would be maybe 425 pages; which is about the length of Fast Women, the closest Jennifer Crusie book I have on hand. So I would guess that you don’t need to worry that the book will be too long to attract readers.

    (All numbers above are very approximate; things like having a lot of dialogue can have a big effect on the actual page count.)

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