Sorry no time for proper…

Sorry no time for proper entries, munchkins. In severe head-down-work-mode. But briefly, had a surprisingly pleasant time driving up to Madison Saturday morning; right around the time I crossed the border into Wisconsin, the scenery suddenly got gorgeous with masses of trees in their autumnal colors. Guess it's colder up there; we're still green in Illinois. It was a bright, blue-sky, sunny day, perfect for driving, and for the first time in a long time, I wasn't overwhelmed with anxiety when I drove faster than 60. Progress, of a sort.

The reading went well, with around 60 folks in attendance and lots of nice words afterwards about the reading. Read "Monsoon Day" since I thought that would go over well with an audience that was mostly women, and mostly in their 50s or older. It did. It's interesting, reading a story with a protagonist in her 70s to women who actually are; I found myself hoping I'd gotten it at least vaguely right, because they would know if I didn't!

Good dinner with Karen afterwards. Early breakfast with Carmela and Dan the next morning at 7:30, and then I drove back to Chicago, stopping to pick up posters and food for the 1 p.m. Kriti planning meeting at my house. Made it back in good time, had a good meeting. Was utterly burnt out afterwards, and spent the evening reading. Then beat myself up over not getting more writing done. Sigh.

Kevin said at one point when I was angry with myself that he was sorry that my life was hard. I pointed out that I had done it to myself. He said that regardless, if I couldn't afford to take an evening off to read, my life was hard. True enough. But at least it's hard in a good way. All the work I'm doing is work I like and think is worthwhile. That's worth a lot, even if this has all made clear to me that I am at times a truly sucky scheduler.

Finished revisions to chapter 9 yesterday, and the end of Part II. Spent this morning working on Kriti stuff, now about to switch over to writing, and revisions of chapter 10. Dinner tonight at my sister's place; she's cooking, so it'll be good.

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. You would’ve had it this morning, but Jed sent me comments on Part I, so now I’m revising that today. But hopefully by the end of the day, I’ll have them both revised and ready to send out.

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