Another interview, this…

Another interview, this one in AsianWeek. Much shorter than the last. Oddly, I can't tell whether I actually participated in this one or not. The author's name is familiar, but then, so was the last author's name. All very disconcerting.

Pleased to see that DesiLit Toronto is taking stronger shape, spearheaded by Zenia Wadhwani. I see they're up to 19 members, cool. (The Chicago group currently has 70, and the Bay Area one has 58):

As one of the chapters of DesiLit, DesiLit-Toronto currently exists as a loose network of individuals who are interested in South Asian-inspired writing. Though DesiLit was formed to primarily support writers, we encourage anyone who is interested in South Asian literature to join our mailing list. What we hope to create is a forum for sharing opinions about recent writings, announcing events and recent publications, as well as providing a supportive network for both writers and literature lovers. In the future, we hope to initiate a regular book club, host book launches and hold regular meetings for writers. Whatever genre of writing you engage in or enjoy, we hope you'll join us for some interesting conversations and information sharing.

To subscribe to DesiLit-Toronto, send an email to:

In book news, Adelaide, my French translator, sent me some last questions for BiM, and in the process, I discovered that one of the sentences I wrote in "Pieces of the Heart" makes absolutely no sense:

I walked out the door when the sky was cold and dark and dry, the air so clear that even an hour later, it was amazing that you could still breathe.

She was confused, wondering why it would be difficult to breathe in clear air; sadly, I have no idea what I was thinking.

In other sad news, I think I'm going to have to skip World Fantasy this year. That's the weekend I'm supposed to be finishing revisions to my novel, and for a few days I had this fantasy that I would actually write at WFC, but that's clearly ridiculous, so never mind. I'm really sorry to miss all the fun and the folks, but so it goes. If anyone's coming into Chicago early, or afterwards, do let me know, since I do have to eat, and I'd be really pleased to see folks. Crash space may be available. If I know you well enough, I might even loan you my car, so you can fly into O'Hare and drive up to Madison. Tickets might be noticeably cheaper that way.

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