Lakshmi kicked my ass in…

Lakshmi kicked my ass in training yesterday -- it feels like literally, because after all the gazillion lunges she had me do, my ass is actually quite sore. Good thing I have comfortable chairs. She had me holding poses until my entire body was shaking and it seemed about to fall over, but I didn't quite fall over, so that was satisfying in its own perverted way. I have been told that I am not to eat carbs after 8 p.m., and that I should switch from white to whole wheat (sad -- I like white best), and that I must drink at least four glasses of water a day. I am not a big water-drinker, but I will try. I also have several push-ups in my future, which are my absolute least favorite thing. We hates them, my precious. Lakshmi and I meet again on Tuesday, before I go to California. We'll see if I survive.

The NAAAP panel went well enough; we talked to about fifty convention attendees, most of them business people who secretly yearn to be artists instead. We covered a lot of information in a short time; I hope it was helpful. I had a good time and got to see a friend I haven't seen in a while (Czerina Salud, an Asian-American opera singer, who had interesting things to say about the difficulty of being cast in opera as a tiny Asian woman when they expect a big European woman to go along with that big voice), but transit to and fro took almost two hours, and the whole event pretty much ate my afternoon, leaving much work for this weekend.

Afterwards, I came home and dragged Kevin off to go shopping. We have been in something of a consumerist frenzy for the past month, filling up the holes in our new place, but we're almost done. Yesterday evening we finally bought some patio furniture (and by waiting this long, we got it 30% off for the end-of-summer sale :-), and a little tv that will theoretically move between the treadmill and the bedroom as needed, hopefully both encouraging me to run more and alleviating difficulty falling asleep. We tried to watch Sideways on it last night, but I fell asleep partway through, which I guess is a good sign?

Pretty much need to put my head down and work now; by tomorrow, my student packet responses are due back, and on Monday, the revision of the AE2 story is due. Which pretty much means all work all the time. Will probably work at home for a while, then go out to a cafe for the rest of the day. Good thing I didn't go to Glasgow, but I am still craving the WorldCon con reports. Jed is doing a fine job, but David Moles and Benjamin Rosenbaum are so far being big slackers.

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