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Chugging along on various work. I'm going to take a break from it to go unpack for a while, doing laundry and putting away clothes, which is tremendously boring without Kevin here to keep me company (and/or help :-). So I figure I'll take my laptop into the bedroom and have a movie playing in the background. But here's the real dilemma -- keeping in mind that I won't actually be watching, but rather catching bits here and there as I walk around and listen to the dialogue, do I want to watch the extended version of Fellowship, or the remastered version of Star Wars? Difficult choice!

Optional essay question: Which would you watch, and why? :-)

7 thoughts on “Chugging along on…”

  1. Fellowship no question. I adore Fellowship. Its grand orchestral music would be a nice background. Perhaps it will inspire you on your quest for clean clothes.

  2. Fellowship. Having seen it before (extended) I wouldn’t feel the need to stay. Great music, good scenes and not so dark as the other two.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Huh. You are all so together on this, but sadly, I chose another way. I ended up with SW because I hadn’t seen the second and third movies in so long (I skipped the first), and it worked quite well. I actually like the music a lot too, but maybe that’s just me?

  4. Well, not having the Speciel Edition Star Wars on DVD, that’s a non-choice for me.

    I have the THX Mastering of the original Star Wars trilogy on laserdisc, so I saw no reason to buy the altered DVD edition.

  5. Fellowship for me too.

    Personally while i like SW-SE (star wars – special edition) because its cleaned up, i DO think lucas made a total hash of it with his storyline “improvements” (HAN SHOOTS FIRST GAWDAMMIT)..

    of course Fellowship can stand on its own. its lush and well done (and the EE is even better) if you’re gonna sit and watch.. this is the one..

    if you just want to catch fluff, try something lighter..

    btw i have the DVD’s of the LD, if anyone wants to know how, drop me a mail and i’ll tell you

    all the best


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