Quick note — I can post…

Quick note -- I can post here, and read comments, but I can't access my e-mail yet (telnet doesn't seem to be working). Also haven't figured out how to upload photos (ftp not working either). Frustrating. Is there some site where I can upload them in the interim for y'all to see?

Breakfast was delicious -- stringhoppers and curries with seeni sambol, mandarin juice and tea, fresh pineapple and green bananas. Mmmm...

(Jed, your Sri Lanka time zone appears to be off by four hours -- it said 7 a.m. when it was 11 a.m. -- corrected manually.)

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  1. littlest sister

    hey. i just got out of work, and heard a message from the ‘rents that they were worrried cuz they hadn’t heard from you. i only found out you arrived now (slept over at the hospital and couldn’t check email), but i’ll relay that you’re safe. but you should probably call mom if you can (and if you haven’t already).

    have fun!!! i’m so jealous 🙂


  2. Many apologies about the time zone. I woke up this morning and gave it about five seconds of clear thought and the answer was blindingly obvious: I had specified the offset as a difference from Greenwich time, but the journal system actually calculates it as a difference from Eastern time. I think I’ve fixed it now; lemme know if it works.

    I’m really sorry I didn’t get this right days ago—it should have been totally obvious if I had thought about it carefully at all. I think I was too distracted by my own Net-access problems to think clearly.

    And the four-hour error misled me; in the past six months I’ve gotten used to thinking of the time difference between Eastern and Greenwich as being five hours, so a four-hour time difference didn’t immediately make me think of that gap. Still, I should have known that Zurich and Sri Lanka are not in the same time zone.

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