I got some good news…

I got some good news today, but until I talk to someone, it's tentative, so I can't tell you the details. But I'm excited. It's not masses of money news, but it's very cool news. If it happens. Bounce bounce.

Someone needs to call me back.

In other news, got lots of reading done yesterday, finishing Indu Sundaresan's The Twentieth Wife, which is a great choice if you're looking for a lush historical kind of read. Also read Tamora Pierce's Trickster's Queen, which I totally wasn't supposed to read right now, but I couldn't resist. And I re-read much of Shona Ramaya's Operation Monsoon, which was as interesting and cool as I remembered. Today I've been reading Carmit Delman's Burnt Bread and Chutney, a memoir of growing up Indian and Jewish. Good stuff! It's exciting, meeting these folk. I'll be having dinner with Shona Ramaya and Bapsi Sidhwa this evening.

Got to go run and check into my hotel. Later, munchkins!

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