Photos: WisCon…

Photos: WisCon 2004

Now, you have to keep in mind that these are all from Monday morning, and we are all very very tired, and generally much more beautiful than you find us below. :-)

These seem such characteristic convention photos -- Lyda Morehouse, signing her new book intently. Gavin Grant and Kelly Link, cheerfully selling for Small Beer Press. Well, Kelly is cheerful, anyway. Gavin looks ready to commit homicide, or at least manslaughter, out of sheer exasperation...

Barth Anderson with his beautiful new baby; Chris Barzak smiling, soon to go off to Japan, of all places...

Greg van Eekhout and Heather Shaw; Jenn Reese -- the usual suspects. And they look pretty darn suspect, too.

Jennifer Stevenson, signing her new book from Small Beer, Trash Sex Magic; Karen Meisner, convention-runner extroadinaire.

Kristin Livdahl, who volunteered like a champion; Leah Cutter, my co-Clarionite, signing her new book, The Caves of Buda.

Nisi Shawl; Patricia McKillip and spouse David Lunde (the latter of whom is a stalwart co-op staffer, as well as being a fine and lovely poet).

The indomitable Ben Rosenbaum -- that second photo is awfully blurry, but so characteristic that I had to put it in anyway... :-)

Photo by Jenn Reese; camera courtesy of Kam McCowan. :-)

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