Guys, I just took some…

Guys, I just took some time to draft my acknowledgements. Jeez, I've been working on this book for forever (technically, about ten years, if you start with "Season of Marriage") -- there's no way I'll remember everyone I ought to. Right now, aside from the academic folks, almost everyone else is getting folded under the general 'journal readers who offered support, encouragement, and critique along the way', with only a few specific people named who I know offered a lot of detailed crit. (David Horwich, Ben Rosenbaum, Karen Meisner, Jed Hartman, Dan Percival). If you were also one of those people and I'm just stupidly blanking on it at the moment, *please please please* drop me a line and tell me, okay? I would much rather be embarrassed at forgetting now than have people with hurt feelings later!

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  1. It’s been a long time since I read your Clarion journal entries, but if you circulated any drafts of these stories in that forum it might be appropriate to mention it. Unless the comments were useless, of course.

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