SFWA has formalized its…

SFWA has formalized its membership requirements and posted them publically, along with (finally!) a list of qualifying markets. They've added two new requirements for short fiction -- short story sales must be for a minimum of $50/story (which will make it harder to qualify based on short-short fiction sales), and the three story sales must add up to a minimum of $250. If you previously qualified for SFWA and joined, you will remain a member, even if your sales don't meet the new criteria.

Strange Horizons will be changing its pay rates slightly to accommodate the first requirement, to "4 cents/word, with a minimum of $50/story". That won't actually change our budget much at all; a few writers will be paid a few dollars more for their short-shorts.

Unfortunately, writers who desire SFWA accreditation will now need to be careful to sell at least one longer story at pro rates -- if they sell 3 stories at $50 each, or even at $75 each, that won't be sufficient to qualify them. Be warned.

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