Oh, feeling much better…

Oh, feeling much better today. I've been feeling sort of frayed for several days of this trip, kind of wanting to be weepy for no good reason. I blame a lot of it on lack of sleep; I haven't slept well since I got here, for one reason or another. Mostly heat, I think -- England has been unseasonably warm, and not only do most places not have air-conditioning, most don't even have fans. So you open the window wide and prop open the door and flop on the bed and try not to think about how hot you are. My hosts also tend to stay up late and get up early, which tends to wake me up. Adrian is fine with six hours of sleep, and let me tell you, that is not enough for the Mary Anne. Oh no. The Mary Anne needs seven hours a night minimum, or she will get frayed and start feeling like a tired little kid who needs to be either put to bed right now or at the very least bought an ice cream cone. Add in to that this weird prickly heat rash I've gotten on my arms which starts itching uncontrollably when it gets hot, and I've not been so physically happy, despite all the wonder that is England. But last night I took Benadryl, and I slept like a log, and I woke up today clear-headed and refreshed -- and I had forgotten how good that can feel. So hooray for modern medicine! The plan for today -- shower and dress, work at home for a few hours, then take a bus to the train to the subway to meet Kirsten and go shopping with her; she's getting ready to get married, and there's all sorts of little things that still need to be found. It's nice, to be able to do this with her. It's no fun, having her so far away.

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  1. Oh, poor MA! I got sick from the water (long story why I drank tap water) my last few days in Spain, and it was just awful. I was only there for two weeks, and even before I got sick I was very much looking forward to my own bed and bathroom back home.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  2. it’s funny (not in that ha ha way, but…) how sleep matters sooo much to some people and not others…

    I’ve had that adjustment with my husband who would love for me to join him at the pub till 11pm only to show up at work the next morning at 8am.

    I can’t imagine how to work through it. I’m glad you’ve done it for travel, but I don’t envy you.

    happy travels.

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