The day my car…

The day my car was stolen, I totally freaked out. In my particular case, freaking out apparently involves going to Marshall Field's and wildly buying expensive flowers. Here are just a few of the flowers I bought, orchids and calla lilies. They comforted me, with their grace and beauty, and when I confessed my compulsive flower-buying-spree to Jed, he offered to buy them for me.

The moral of the story is: having flowers is good, but having Jed is better.

That's my moral, anyway.

2 thoughts on “The day my car…”

  1. Well, I’d been thinking about getting you flowers that day, but the logistics made it unwieldy—so this way I get credit for buying you flowers and I don’t have to actually do anything! Good deal.

    It’s the wave of the future: Laz-E-Man flower charge card. You give it to your sweetie, who can then use it to buy themselves flowers whenever they want, and all you have to do is pay the bill.

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