Finished the Rushdie…

Finished the Rushdie section, which I *think* is reasonably coherent. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to do Marquez for the fourth book, and have it following the Rushdie (there's some nice connections between the two, in terms of fragmentation and magical realism, and a nice disconnect in terms of point of view). I'm not sure if Frankenstein will go at the beginning or the end -- will draft the last chunk and then decide.

It's only 3:30, which means that even if I want to write the Marquez section tonight, I have some time -- I know what I want to say about it, so the actual writing should only take 2-3 hours, but I'm not sure where the textual evidence is. So I think I'm going to settle in for a few hours of re-reading, so that I can find some appropriate sections to work with (and remind myself of whatever elements I've forgotten).

I also am feeling less pressure to produce pages -- I talked to Paul, who said that he only turned in 23 pages, and they really liked his. So I can worry less about having written *enough* and worry more about saying things that are worthwhile. I'm not entirely sure that's an improvement. :-)

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