Hey, did you know that…

Hey, did you know that if you search Google for "Mary Anne", you get me? I didn't know that. Pretty cool. :-)

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  1. Once upon a time I directed folks to your site by telling them to search for Mary Anne on Yahoo… and that you were the one that sounded interesting.

  2. five years ago I found you by typing in “erotica” and “raspberries”.

    you’ve been out there for a long time, baby.

  3. You guys are funny, early in the morning…

    But really, I was more thinking about all the people who claim to have found this web page *not* through erotica. “Ummm…yeah…I was looking for Sri Lankan curry powder recipes, that’s it…”

  4. Well, I had somehow connected with CeeJay. She mentioned Clarion. I read her Clarion stuff, and you were mentioned. That slid me over to you, where I discovered you were a UC product (where I got my MA). Then I saw you were in grad school heading towards a doctorate, all of which I did years ago. Similarity of experience kept me interested. Then I started liking your personality and finding you individually interesting, etc. I have read your erotica and think it is good, but it is not why I watch over you. I ignore and skip over the fantasy/game stuff, which is for kids like you. I especially like your “complacencies of the peignoir” moods. Being an old-timer, I can almost always answer your academic questions about real literature, but have chosen silence until now.

  5. Well I think it involved card games until the wee hours of the morning and a trip to some rooftops… but that was all before the web… I do recall you setting up your first website in the cs computer lab… (but then, I’ve known you before Google made you famous – :0) )

  6. How I Found Mary Anne: Well, this guy Ian told me about his housemate, who liked to have dinner parties with odd combinations of people, just to see how they’d interact. Then there was this dinner party, then there was this guy named David . . .

    On Search Engines: If you type “Heather Shaw” in google, mine is the first site that comes up, too. Ditto for Yahoo. Whee! Good to be the first!

  7. Guess there aren’t a lot of Jenn Reeses out there – I’m the first full page of Google, and then some!


  8. I found you through some south asian women writers site…where they mentioned you wrote erotica…and I was so proud that a south asian women wasn’t trying to hide what she liked to write about…three cheers for Mary Anne!

  9. I love hearing these — more, please.

    GAC, I feel ignorant admitting that I’m not sure what you mean by “complacencies of the peignoir” — I could guess, but it’d only be a guess. More explanation, please?

  10. Sorry, MA, it is the opening phrase of a wonderful Wallace Stevens poem “Sunday Morning.”
    It starts: “Complacencies of the peignoir, and late / Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair, / And the green freedom of a cockatoo…” Everytime you write one of your cozy “sitting in the sun with hot tea and purring with morning pleasures” pieces I think of these lines by him. I like those tone poems you write about the life you love.

  11. Huh — fascinating. I always figured those were among the duller entries…I can never predict what y’all are going to enjoy. 🙂

  12. When you were at Mills College, there was an undergraduate student named Sarah Irani. There was also a popular web site called Mirskys Worst of the Web. My son sent me a message suggesting that I check Sarahs site, which had been listed by Mirsky, not for poor quality, but for total weirdness.

    After looking at Sarahs site, which was called Sarahs Scumfuck Page and lived up to Mirskys assessment, I started poking around other undergraduate and graduate pages, and I found yours. Ive been reading ever since.

    Sarah Irani has gone on to be a rather interesting figure in visual arts. On her web site, http://www.bauxism.com, there are a number of interesting images of her work (check out Self Portrait as a Saint), along with photographs of Sarah, including a couple of completely delightful nudes. Clean Sheets should approach her for the Gallery (do they still have that?)

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