Note to Jenn R.: you’re…

Note to Jenn R.: you're not crazy. I know just how you feel.

So, I'm feeling a little bit better than yesterday. Just enough better, in fact, that I feel like I ought to be doing stuff. There's certainly plenty to do. I need to go swing by the art store and pick up some supplies. I need to run out to the Indian grocery store with Paul to get spices so I can make a new batch of curry powder. I'm pretty sure I need to go buy one more book for classes -- I keep thinking I've got all the ones I need, and then I find another I'm missing. Very frustrating. I could use groceries pretty soon. I really want to go work out, which is a rare enough desire that I feel like I should take advantage of it. Somehow the idea of lifting weights sounds very appealing today.

I think my brain is just nuts. Because the fact is, that I was sick enough yesterday that I decided to skip most of my classes today (Paul is kindly stopping by the class I teach to give the students some instructions). I'll go to workshop tonight, but only because I'm being critiqued and it would make things difficult for them if I didn't go. I'll try to sit in back and not cough on anyone. I was sick enough yesterday that I couldn't get up the energy to dress and go next door to Cucina to get milk for tea -- Carol was sweet enough to call from work and ask if I needed anything, so I asked her to bring me milk, which she kindly did. (It's nice having friends who notice when you're sick!) I was sick enough yesterday that doing an hour of paperwork made me feel tired and shaky. So just because I feel better today is really probably not an indication that I'm actually well and that I can run around doing errands the way I normally would. But my brain is not so bright -- it looks at the expanse of day stretching out before me and says -- "Free time! Must use it up being productive and getting things done!" I'm a goober.

I did work some this morning, but very quiet work, putting stories in manuscript format and sending them off to Crown. I feel guilty that we're taking so long to make final decisions on BW -- my poor authors. :-( But we're moving as fast as we can with all these different editors and their different schedules and hopefully soon it'll all be nailed down. Fingers crossed.

I do think I'll do some more paperwork this afternoon; I have to pay my own bills, and I may try and get the SH contracts and checks out while I'm at it. I'm behind. I was really pretty good last year at doing them monthly, but that slipped over the summer, and I haven't quite gotten back into the rhythm yet. More guilt...sigh.

Oh -- before I forget, CS has sadly been forced to postpone the reading/event at Minna Street, the one that was scheduled for October. Too much difficulty getting everyone there, what with flights and upset and stress. They're hoping to do it early next year. I was waffling a bit about whether to still go to the Bay Area in mid-October, but I think I will -- by that point, the flights should be reasonably close to normal, I think. I'll plan to get there very early, though, just in case. Jed's fretting a little about my getting on a plane, but I really have no fear about the Salt Lake - San Jose flight. I'm sort of glad I'm not doing any San Francisco to New York flights (or vice versa) anytime soon, though.

I'll leave you for now with another photo from the retreat -- this is the fabulous N., whose house we were staying at. She's a poet in the the Ph.D. program and just a lovely person -- friendly and warm and bubbly and smart. And did I mention sexy? I love this photo of her doing early-morning yoga -- in part because I enjoy the lines and curves of her body, in part because it's kind of cool having my reflection in the background. She's a happily married woman, but nothing says I can't look, right? :-)

Noon -- can't believe I forgot to note that Jed has started a journal! It's pretty different in style from mine, and since it's brand new it's hard to say what form it'll end up in, but now y'all can see why I like listening to him so much...

4:30. Just took a shower; feel better. Shannon pointed me to something quite astonishing -- someone on Amazon is selling a signed edition of Torn Shapes for $20. Heh! The book was only $15, so my signature is worth $5, I guess. Who knew? Now, wasn't I just telling y'all that they'd be rare collectibles someday? I didn't expect someday to be anytime soon, though...

Wait -- I looked around some more, and there's a different signed edition for $33! My signature is worth $18! To someone, anyway...

Plus shipping!

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