Hey, everyone. Had a…

Hey, everyone. Had a bit of excitement today -- managed to lock myself out. Last night, working late on "Grace", I kept hearing odd noises which were freaking me out a little. So I went downstairs and checked the bolt *and* turned the other lock (which I never use normally). Just to assuage my paranoia. All well and good, except that when I ran out to get my thyroid medicine and groceries today, I let the door swing shut, remembering a moment too late about that lock. Which I, of course, don't carry a key for. Argh. I went ahead to the store, and luckily, when I got back, my landlord (who lives next door) was home. If not...hmmm..I guess I would have gone to Cucina and tried calling Paul and Marcia to see if they still had a copy of that key. Would've been a big nuisance, though.

Other than that, the day has been pretty uneventful. I definitely have a fever, and feel like it, so I have stayed relatively motionless. Looked over "Grace" again and decided it's not going to be ready to show class anytime soon -- I think I need to layer a fair bit more stuff into it for it to work, and I'm not quite sure what yet. So I'm putting it aside for now and giving them a piece I wrote for class in the spring -- it wasn't a workshop class, so I really didn't get much in the way of useful feedback on how to improve the piece. It's that collage piece, with photos of Karina, poetry, and essay stuff. I'm calling it "Exposure", and (with Jed's help at turning the Quark file into a fairly viewable PDF) have sent it out to the readers' list. As always, looking forward to your comments.

I read a frankly melodramatic novel for American Studies, Susannah Rowson's Charlotte Temple, a saga of a young woman's seduction, pregnancy and abandoment. Yeesh. Not uplifting reading. The little moral commentary throughout didn't help. Nor did the quality of the writing, which went so far beyond purple that it came out a sickly chartreuse. Still, I survived it, which is more than one can say for the poor protagonist who, of course, dies in ignominy.

Other than that...not sure I've done anything else, actually. Watched the Karate Kid, 'cause it was on tv. Charmed once again by that movie. Watched part of some dumb war comedy thing. Reread much of Bujold's Memory. Keep wanting to get up and clean something, but am forcing myself to mostly stay relatively still. Being sick is boring, dammit.

I guess I'll survive this too, though.

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