Hey, my darlings. Well,…

Hey, my darlings. Well, this one'll be short, as I'm busy packing. (Packing, they say? She didn't say anything about a trip, did she? Where the heck is she going?) Actually, I can't remember whether I've mentioned this or not, but I'll be leaving town tomorrow to attend WorldCon in Baltimore. And if you live anywhere nearby and are thinking of attending the Con, let me note that not only will I be having an autographing session there (probably pitifully attended compared to the bestselling fantasy/sf authors nearby :( ), and not only will I be on two, count 'em, two panels (SF and Education and the Future of Erotica), but I'm going to a whole bunch of good parties. :-) Primarily the Circlet Press parties, and I'd love to see any of you there who can make it. Details on WorldCon available on the WorldCon 1998 web page (which I admit to being too lazy to look up right now). I'll be there from 8/5 - 8/9 (taking the red-eye tomorrow night), then visiting my parents 'til 8/14, then a day in New York with Russian Alex, and then home again home again, jiggity jig.

I may have some limited e-mail access in there, but I wouldn't count on it. Hope you miss me! :-)

I leave you with one more 'first time' poem... (okay, I'll probably post again before I leave, but maybe not)

"This is not the "real" first time. But in an effort to forget I don't want to open that wound up again. Instead I offer you the first time it was real for me."

All the world is surrendered
my skin offered up
in holy sacrifice.

stay with me
the night is seeping through
and you remind me
of summer's sin

    noon today
    too hot to matter

    and hours past
    the heat and rush

Brush me back
and hold me down--
captured in wet mouths,
hungry hands and desire

Sleep my salvation tonight
eternity spent in
a tangle of arms and legs.

- Ericka Horen

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