Kind of a Disaster

So, this was kind of a disaster, trying to make Sri Lankan marinated cod, baked in banana leaves, because the fish itself did not cook well. But the overall *process* was okay, I think, so I’m documenting.

I started with some onions, ginger, garlic, finger hot chilies, pureed them in the food processor, added lime juice to make a marinade. Also seasonings. So far, so good, right?

The tricky part was adding the cod to the marinade. I’m not so familiar with this process, but I googled, and instructions said marinate at least 30 minutes, but longer is fine. And I was busy that day, so I ended up marinating for 4 hours or so. Which I think was bad, because I think it essentially half-cooked the cod, like ceviche.

Another problem was that the cod has been previously frozen, and I’ve done a lot of cooking fish from frozen before, like tilapia, but apparently it is trickier to cook cod from frozen? At least when I googled afterwards, I found a lot of people complaining about it.

The sadness here is that the end result had good flavor, but the texture of the fish was terrible. It looks fine, but that’s a lie — even the nice, flaky-looking fish is actually rubbery-sad.

I might try this again sometime, but if I do, I’m going to try it with fresh cod, and only marinate for 30 minutes (before baking for 15-20), and see whether that takes care of it.

I was so excited. Sigh.

Slightly Frustrating

I may have driven two hours this morning to try to buy a pool (15′ Intex Prism), but the store’s inventory list was incorrect, and they did not actually have any pools. Slightly frustrating.

On the plus side, the weather was perfect, the windows were down, I was blasting the Hamilton soundtrack, and I plotted out an entire story about revolution (for an anthology that requested a story from me) while driving. That was the plan when I decided to go pool-hunting, and it worked well — driving is actually really good story-drafting time for me.

I’m attending the Nebula convention virtually for most of today (good panel about time management when working on multiple projects just now, looking forward to several others today), but tomorrow, WE WRITE.

Look Closely

Look closely, and you can see Ellie enjoying her garden.

Our old dog loves the garden so, so much. Even though she now hates going up and down stairs (her poor hips), every time I go out to work on the garden, Elinor insists on coming with. So many yummy things to smell, I guess. She likes to roll in the grass, then sit out on the lawn and watch the world go by.

(She has a leash attached to a stake in the garden, so neighbors, no worries if you see her out there on her own — look for the leash if you’re worried. It’s not long enough to let her reach the sidewalk or the walk up to the front door.)

Summer Writing Goals

On Monday June 1, I’m starting my summer writing, and setting some official goals, mostly to avoid the situation where my days get eaten up with other things. I don’t want to end up facing mid-August in a wild fury at not having written this summer. (I mean, my garden would look AMAZING, I’m sure. But still.)

I’m setting a word count goal to start: 30,000 words by end of June, which should be enough to finish another (final?) draft of the novel (Liminal Space), write a new short story (due to an anthology), finish revising the Jump Space RPG, and finish drafting at least one food essay. Exciting, yes? Yes.

And that’s just 1000 words / day, and I write about 1000 words / hour, so I’m only committing to writing one hour / day. All right, maybe two hours / day, with revision time. But still, I really can do that. To the shed!

I’ve just joined the 4thewords community, which I’m hoping will help motivate gamification-wise. As a plus, they’re going to be featuring my cookbook next week, which is very sweet of them — they put out a call for people whose book launches were interrupted by the pandemic. We’ll even have a t-shirt featuring Gayesha, my Sri Lankan cook from the Sigiriya game, that your avatar can wear in the game! (Right now, my avatar is the generic default. I’m looking forward to messing with it.)

Anyone else here on there? Would love to ‘friend’ you there.