Hey, y’all. Today is…

Hey, y'all. Today is dedicated to getting through a huge pile of back- logged mail...slugging away. :-) I've made some modifications to my story page, and started work on an erotica webzine/resource site. Oh, and my editor loved Metari Nights! Didn't ask for any revisions or anything!

Will write more if I have time, but I really do have a lot to catch up on...hope y'all are doing well...

Oh, and here's a plea forwarded from one of you -- I have a weak spot for cats...:

Posted to: phl.forsale, phl.misc (by David Beroff)

Who would leave a cat on a doorstep?

Well, someone did just that. The cat seems very well cared for, and the vet says she's about 7 or 8 years old. She's in good health (except for a lame paw), is well trained (for indoors) and very affectionate. Whoever left her seems to have cared for her a great deal (based on all the goodies that they left with the cage), and probably had a change in circumstances that forced them to do what they did. Unfortunately, my children have asthma and allergy difficulties, so we really can't take in this animal.

I'd rather see the cat live in a nice home than us have to put her in the SPCA. Please email me via d4b@bis.adp.com

For complicated reasons,…

For complicated reasons, this entry may be a little short on apostrophes. Ill come back and fix when the computer is working better.

Well, Kevin's gone home to visit the parents, and the apartment is sadly empty. Good thing I have my cat to keep me company! I dont know if Ive mentioned her before -- shes about two years old now, a slightly plump black cat of dubious ancestry (her mother was a stray). She once had a name -- I thought Chandi would be appropriate -- its another name for Kali, Hindu goddess of death and destruction. Kevin, however, seems incapable of calling cats anything other than Kitten or Kittycat or Cat. She was Kitten for a while, and now shes mostly Kittycat. Perhaps shell eventually graduate to Cat.

Its funny how much harder it is to fall asleep when theres nobody else in the house. I hope the roommate thing works out for the fall -- Im not looking forward to possibly living alone. Maybe it would be good for me, but I still dont wanna do it. :-)

Its really hard typing without apostrophes.

Last night I spent way too much time watching Star Trek. Davids been taping episodes, and he loaned me a few tapes. I think I watched five episodes in a row. Fun, though, especially the one where Riker serves on a Klingon ship.

Oh, yesterday evening was interesting. The Philadelphia Inquirer, the main newspaper here, is doing an article on sex on the net, and interviewed me. Last night a photographer came by to take a picture for the paper -- I expected one or two shots, but s he went through four rolls! They take this sort of thing seriously... If you live in Philly, I think itll be in the June 20th issue. Oh, and if I havent mentioned, Penthouse Forum did an interview with me that just came out. I havent seen it yet, beca use I dont know where to get a copy, but Ill figure it out soon. Anyone want to volunteer to scan it in so I can put a copy up? Ditto Inquirer article? Oh, and my interview with the erotica writers finally came out in Puritan -- Ill put a text copy up here soon. They did a pretty good job with layout, though they missed an attribution on one chunk of story.

Ive been lazy and ordering out since I got back, but tonight Ill be virtuous and eat leftovers and clean the apartment. Thats the plan, anyway.

Okay, I’m really back…

Okay, I'm really back now. News of today -- quiet at the office, just fielding calls while boss is away. Fed Ex'd Metari Nights to Puritan -- hope they like it. Going to mail off the collection manuscript to the rest of the publishers and agents today -- with any luck I'll have a contract soon and the book will be ready in time for Christmas sales. Wouldn't that be a lovely thing to slip under someone's pillow? :-)

Kev's leaving today to do some travelling of his own :(. House is going to feel awfully empty -- just me and my cat. I should take some photos of her and put them up -- she's a beautiful black cat, the kind I always wanted when I was younger and planned to grow up to be a witch (when I wasn't planning to be a librarian, or an astronaut). Don't have easy access to a scanner anymore, but I could probably manage something.

Re: trip -- Well, the weather was absolutely fabulous. Unbelievably beautiful. A cool and sunny 70-75 much of the time in SF (Oakland was a little warner), and there were flowers everywhere. It startled me how much it looks like Ceylon (Sri Lanka, that is) -- palm trees and bougainvillea everywhere. That's my favorite flower, and it won't grow in the climates I've been living in -- I'm looking forward to seeing it everywhere. In Sri Lanka, it covers the houses in walls of bright colors.

Sightseeing was great fun -- saw the Exploratorium (best science museum I've ever seen, and I've been to quite a few), and the Faberge exhibit at the de Young Fine Arts Museum. Walked up and down the famous Haight street (near Ashbury, where all the hippies hang out) and through the Mission district (yummy Mexican food, very cheap). Stopped at Good Vibrations, slightly embarrassed, but was a very neat store. Also spent an afternoon at the beach near Cliff House (with my friend, Cliff :-) and an evening at the production of Medea: The Musical (free on Thursdays if you wear a toga :-). Also hung out a lot with friends and watched The Joy Luck Club again -- fabulous movie. We sobbed buckets. Even the guys teared up. Met a really neat woman named Lorelei who was in town for a week-long piercing workshop -- welcome to San Francisco! :-)

Apartment hunting was sadly a little less productive. Apparently, unlike Philadelphia (where you must starting apartment hunting three months in advance), Oakland rarely has listings more than a month in advance. Saw lots of nice places, but couldn't pin anything down. Did find a really nice room in a house (close to Mills, with garden and piano!) which may work out -- I'll know soon. Cross your fingers for me...

Mills itself was beautiful. Quietly elegant, it looks like a good place to work. And if it gets too dull, San Francisco is not far away (I'm thinking of volunteering to do Indian storytelling at the Asian Arts Museum; might also get a busking license so I can play flute and pennywhistle in the park :-).

Well, that pretty much covers my trip, and I hope this long entry makes up a little for all the time when I couldn't reach y'all...I missed you! (Oddly enough, since I rarely here from you. :-)

Morning! Well, plans are…

Morning! Well, plans are proceeding apace for the CA trip. I'm kind of nervous, actually. Not sure how easy/difficult it will be to find an apartment. Anyone know what the weather's like in CA? I have to pack tonight...

In other news, still reading The Time Patrol (the second story, "Brave to Be a King" is excellent, though the title doesn't quite work for me). I've got a bunch of small errands and little jobs to take care of before I go. I had hoped to send out the manuscript to all the appropriate publishers/agents -- not sure I'll manage it, but will try. Going to be a long day, and I'd best get back to work.

Can't remember if I said before, but I'll definitely have access while I'm away.

11:45 - I wrote a song a day or two ago. Don't write songs very much -- the melody's appended at the end. I think my songs tend to be a bit too mushy. :-) Thought y'all might enjoy it, though.

Leaf and Tide

There was a time, when I thought those words could shatter sorrow.
Bold hearts could fly, and their bodies share the sky...
There was a time, we were younger than the leaves in springtime.
Those leaves must die, and lie scattered on the grass.

Remember well, the day I swore that I would love forever.
We were so sure that our love could turn the tides...
Remember well, the day I left you standing at the landing.
The tide has turned and the waves are bearing down.

You wrap yourself in a cloak of shadows, lost in sorrow
I reach to you, but the shadows leave me blind
You drown your tears in a bitter glass of seasalt water
Then hurl the glass to shatter 'neath the stars

Oh can't you see we are younger than the leaves in springtime;
We are so small, far smaller than the sea...
But leaves do fly, in a gold and crimson, sunlit autumn;
And we can swim, in the cradle of the waves.

So dry your tears; you have lived too long inside the winter
Spring will return, and the leaves will come again
And in her smile, if you see a shadow of my sorrow
Just close your eyes, and the tide shall turn again.

(It's in the key of D, so all the c's and f's are sharp).

ddcd defedcdcba
ddcd defefge
ddcd defedcdcba
ddcd defefge

(Chorus bit...)
aaba gfgfed fedc
aaba gfgfedf
aaba gfgfedfedc
aaba gfgfedd

Hey, everyone! I hope…

Hey, everyone! I hope all of you in the U.S. had a good holiday (and the rest of you had a good weekend)! After being such a good, productive girl on Sunday I proceeded to veg out for the rest of the holiday. :-) Watched some good Star Trek, some figure skating (I love watching figure skaters, though the judging in this competition was appallingly bad), did some reading (Kevin loaned me his Poul Anderson Time Patrol anthology, which I just started, also reread Le Guin's Left Hand of Darkness (brilliant, of course) and finished Girls Just Want To: Representations of Women's Sexuality which had some excellent material -- art and comics and stories).

Am now busy writing new letters and a sex news column for a web site, and trying to get ready for the trip to CA. Can't quite believe I'm going in two days -- it snuck up on me! :-)

Added a new link to my stories page -- some funny Star Trek erotica, and a new award -- my "Letter to a Suicide" got a 'most bizarre' award -- don't ask me why. :-)

Hmmm. A little worried…

Hmmm. A little worried -- the erotica server appears to be down, and I'm not sure what (if anything) is to be done about it. Be patient for a bit, I guess.

Otherwise, life is good -- a lazy Friday before a long weekend (Monday's Memorial Day, for those of you not in the States, and a national holiday). Not too much work here at the office, and I've spent the last half hour trying to decide what to have for dinner. Chicken sandwiches with honey mustard, I think. Too lazy to really cook. Thought about doing lasagne, but David doesn't want the oven going that long, and I can't really blame him.

Finished The Dispossessed and am currently about halfway through the latest issue of Analog. Was not overly impressed by the novella segment, but there was a pretty good rocket ship story.

A couple of you expressed interest, so here are the Jenni segments, from my workshop. Some of them contain details that are mutually exclusive -- that's 'cause they're written for different exercises. If they finally become a story, all of those will be smoothed out. Keep in mind that these all had word limits on them -- under 300 or 500 words. That makes a big difference in how you tell the story.

Good morning, my dears….

Good morning, my dears. I know the entries have been brief lately, but I've been working really hard, and things have been a little crazy. On the plus side, I've written a few more stories (still haven't finished Metari Nights), one of which, "Goddess Blessing", has been accepted for publication in an anthology, Floating Worlds, which is a collection of Asian fantasy (fantasy in the sf/f sense). I'm not sure when publication is, but once it's out, I'll stick a copy up here somewhere. I'm more than usually excited about this one, 'cause the editor solicited me, needing a specific story ASAP, and I managed to write it over the weekend, and he liked it and bought it, which all made me feel quite the professional. :-)

Other than that, hmmm...what else is going on in my life? Well, the erotica list is still going fairly smoothly, with perhaps a little more chatting than is strictly necessary, but some good material making the rounds nonetheless. On my workshop list, it looks like various exercises in character are going to come together into a story. Hey, would you guys be interested in seeing them? I could post them here, and you could watch the story evolve with me. Might be interesting. On the general writing list, I'm afraid I've gotten into an argument about whether it's necessary/polite to respond to crits with little thank-you's. I find them basically content-free and a waste of time that would better spent critting. Almost everyone else disagrees with me.

In my other electronic life, I've been having way too much fun building a Book Museum on Holomuck. What, you may ask, is a book museum? Well, in my version, each room is dedicated to an author, and is set as a scene of one of their books/worlds. Various objects in the rooms can be touched, which will take you to other rooms in the museum. (For example, if you decide to go watch Reepicheep 'fence' in the Narnia room, you become entranced by the flickering blades, and the next thing you know, you've fallen into the middle of a swordfight with the Three Musketeers in the Dumas room.) Great fun and silliness, and I'm encouraging other people to come and build rooms, so it doesn't become a Museum of Books Mary Anne Reads. :-)

I've also been working on a web page for my boss. This link won't exist for very long, as we're working on finding her a permanent home, but you're welcome to take a look and offer comments.

In my life outside the net (what, there's life outside the net??), I made chicken and potato curry yesterday (what, again? yes, again), got into a fight with my realtor (I even lost my temper, and I never never lose my temper with strangers), the slumlord, took out the trash (it was Wednesday, after all), watched intermitten 90210 while cooking (there was a time, about 5 years ago, when Paul (an ex) and I were addicted to that show. Once a week after work in that awful summer (I had an 1 1/2 hour commute each way -- yick -- really shortened the days) we'd settle down and watch 90210 together. Silly, huh? Oh well. It still reminds me of him.

I also read Amy Tan's The Hundred Secret Senses, which is a delightful and wonderful and inspiring book, and I encourage you all to read it. I loved her first book, enjoyed her second and am very happy with this third one. Took a break from depressing Prozac Nation, also read a little Niven book I enjoyed (forget the name, sorry), despite the fact that you end up disliking the protagonist for most of the book, and am currently rereading The Dispossessed, by Le Guin, which is brilliant. David's reading her The Left Hand of Darkness now, and when he finishes, I think I'll ask to trade. I need to reread that too.

Oof, I should get back to work. (Quiet this morning 'cause two patients cancelled). Have a good day, everyone!

Sorry for the little…

Sorry for the little mess yesterday -- hardware problems, but should be all fixed now. I'll chat with y'all more later -- busy right now reworking and prettying up my home page.

2:00 - Okay, just finished an appalling amount of silliness -- moved all my pictures to a separate directory and went back and changed all the links appropriately. (If anyone feels like going through and seeing if I missed anything, would be appreciated). Don't ask me why. Compulsiveness.

2:45 - Finish A Library of My Graphics.