Morning, munchkins! And…

Morning, munchkins! And happy Mother's Day, to all the mothers reading this journal. :-) Everyone remember to give your mom a call, okay?

Had a really pleasant day yesterday. Took the bus down to Hyde Park, walked along 57th Street to campus, stopping at Powell's to pick up a few fabulous used books. Played games with the Skiffy folks for about five hours -- Chez Geek and Drakon (not sure if that's the right name, but something like that) and Settlers of Catann. Won twice. :-) Then walked back to the bus stop, pausing at 57th Street Books to pick up a few items, including two Diana Wynne Jones novels (amusing, since I see M'ris is reading one now). I just finished the first of them, Tales of Time City, which was probably not her best, but still fun. I came home to find that Kevin had cooked (always pleasant, since he's a good cook, but impossible to predict when he'll feel like doing it) -- he'd made curry and saffron rice and it was just so yummy. :-) We watched Notting Hill since it was on tv (I'd seen it before, but I'm always happy to watch Hugh Grant, and Julia Roberts I'm pretty fond of too), and then I read for ten minutes or so and crashed hard. Was very tired! Not sure why...I might be fighting off the cold Kevin's got.

So, it was a lovely goof-off kind of day, made even better by the weather. It was raining, not too hard -- just hard enough to feel like actual rain, and when I'm dressed warmly enough, that always puts me in a good mood. I stopped downtown in the morning and bought an umbrella, and then I could quite contentedly wander along the streets, splashing in occasional puddles (though not too much, since my boots are still in transit), just loving the intense green of the grass and the trees. I swear, my soul has been just parched, living in Utah for three years. They have flowers, they have trees, it's all quite pretty -- but it's just not the same as living someplace wet. I can't explain it properly, I think.

Anyway, enough babbling from me. I'm going to go do some dishes and then shower; Roshani and Tom and Zoe are coming to Greektown for their Mother's Day brunch, so I'm going to putter along and join them for a bit. If I get ready quickly, I might be able to run and pick up a few flowers for her first; not sure if there's anyplace around here to buy flowers, though. We'll see...

Ooh, sleepy baby. Not…

Ooh, sleepy baby. Not sure why I'm so sleepy, either -- went to bed at 10:30, didn't get out of bed 'til close to 8. I guess I'm still getting used to having someone else in the bed; makes for slightly restless nights. But I've done this before, and I imagine I can do it again. It'll just take a little while to adapt.

Not that it's all unpleasant adapting. Does sex count as exercise? :-)

Seriously, I do actually plan to start working out again soon. But I have neither my little dance videotape, nor my sneakers. All my stuff arrives on Tuesday -- can't wait! It'll be a lot of work unpacking, but it'll also be such a relief; I just keep wanting things, little things (like my wooden spoon for stirring) that aren't here yet.

It's such a relief having that paper done with. It means I'm almost done with last year's academic stuff -- just one thing left, finalizing my exam list. Which mostly means typing it up properly and e-mailing it out so my committee can sign off on it. I think I'm not going to try to start working on it 'til after WisCon, though -- just too much happening between now and then. I think I'd better make a list:

  • finalize exam list
  • finish revising Due for Bleiler
  • write Due article for SH
  • send Hampton 500-word abstract on Due
  • create Due presentation for WisCon
  • write SH editorial
  • respond to various SH gallery artists
  • check in with Lucy re: SH poster (by the 15th)
  • talk to Zak about SH bookmarks
  • finalize SH Hugo page and get planet/Hugo icon up
  • finish cleaning apartment
  • buy bath mats and new shower curtain
  • buy stand for aquarium?
  • buy fishies!
  • once stuff arrives, unpack
  • finish making all sorts of art for WisCon show
  • keep working on novel!
Okie. So that should all happen in the next week and a half, or so, before WisCon. Looks intimidating, but I think do-able. The scariest part is writing the Due article...this is why I'm more of a writer than an academic. The academic stuff scares me.

Despite that vast list of to-do items, I'm actually taking today off. In about an hour, I'm going to head down to Hyde Park to attend an event my old sci-fi club (Skiffy) is putting on, their Day of Games. Which mostly means we sit around and play Talisman and Cosmic Encounter and eat junk food all day. :-) Much fun. I'll probably take my computer along too; if there isn't anything I want to play, I may go hide in a corner and write for a while. I'm also behind on my fun reading -- there's three more Hugo-nominee novels to read, for example, one by Bujold! Plus I just heard that LeGuin has a new book out (a kids' picture book), so I need to look for that. And I think there's more that I'm blanking on. Hyde Park has several fine bookstores, so it should be easy enough to find what I want. Just too bad that it's rainy today, since I'll have many blocks to walk outside, and my raincoat isn't here yet. Hopefully my short jacket will suffice.

By the way -- I'm not really planning on doing ongoing updates on the status of my relationship with Kevin. So you can just assume that things are generally going well (sometimes very well), and that if anything drastic changes, I'll let y'all know then. Okay? Okay. :-)

Yes, I should’ve been…

Yes, I should've been working more on my paper. Instead, wrote another scene in the novel. Now at 1747 words. What's a novel -- 60,000 words, minimum? If I can keep writing a thousand-ish words a day, I'll be done in two months. Hah! :-)

I've made a private web page for the novel, where I'll be posting it as I go. I think I'll just post the new version each day; it'll be interesting to see how it develops over time. Again, lemme know if you want the URL and to be on the notify list for updates.

I guess all this means that I really am joining Sarah's novel dare. So be it.

Okie, now I ought to really work.

Aha — I have figured…

Aha -- I have figured out a way to circumvent the deadline. Well, delay it a day -- Liz has kindly agreed to print out the paper for me tomorrow and drop it off with her paper. So now I'm back to the original deadline, Friday at 5 p.m., just like everybody else. Which means that I, being a lazy bum, will now proceed to do no more work today (being currently up to 12 pages), and will goof off the rest of the day instead. Woohoo!

Jed notes that that interview looks fine in IE. Pfui on them, I say.

Several of you have commented that I don't actually sound like a radio host. Or not much like one, anyway. I wonder where his comment came from; I think my traces of British accent (leftover from my parents' English) have pretty much disappeared, erased by years in Chicago and California and Utah. Maybe I'm just well-modulated. It's better than sounding like a phone sex worker, at any rate. At least for the purposes of an interview.

Kev and I went to the grocery store. Got masses of food; he had pretty much gone through everything in his cupboards while he was sick. Tonight, lemon-asparagus risotto, I think. Tomorrow, probably polenta layered with homemade tomato sauce, basil and a little mozzarella. Wish Karina were here. This is all Karina-food.

Going to go back to a book Kevin foisted on me; Steven Pinker's How the Mind Works. So far, he's busy trying to convince me that the brain (and thus the mind) evolved. He's going to great lengths to convince me of this. I'm convinced already, okie? Let's get to the good stuff...

Soon, I'm sure.

So, that Salt Lake…

So, that Salt Lake Weekly interview is now online. It's a little tough to read in their format; you may want to open the page in Composer or some such to read the text more easily. They didn't put the photo up -- oh well. Was curious. Generally a decent interview, though it's odd how you can talk for an hour about a whole bunch of complex stuff and then it all gets chopped up and distilled for a little newspaper piece. Strangeness.

Paper progressing well; about seven pages down, though I admit that much of that is stolen whole-cloth from an earlier paper. Necessary, though -- it provides a base for the rest of the actual argument. Keep wanting to stop working on it, though -- good thing I can't afford to, since I *have* to get it in the mail today to make the deadline. Deadlines are my friends, truly, or I'd never get a damn thing done.

I want to work on the…

I want to work on the novel. How lovely, to have a piece of writing I want to work on. Soon, I'll be able to do just that, anytime I feel like it. But today, one last day of drudgery. I must churn out pages for this paper (reitering stuff I already know, for the most part, jumping through one last academic hoop), finish it off. And then I'll really feel like I'm done with Utah. (Obviously, I'm still in the grad program there, but I think it'll feel very different once I'm done with classwork.) Can't wait.

It's funny, but the novel has made me feel more like I live here too. I watched some tv with Kevin last night, but by eleven or so, the novel ideas were itching at me too much, so I came out to the living room, settled down with headphones and my computer. I thought for a while, then wrote for a while, while he watched a Sharks hockey game in the other room. (I honestly don't think he liked sports much when we started dating; I'm not sure when that changed.) But sitting here, writing my thing and mostly ignoring him; that felt real; it felt right, in a way that's hard to explain. And when he came to tell me that he was going to bed, I said goodnight but kept writing. I'm not sure that would have happened, if I were just here for a visit. I would have been too aware of how little time we had together; it would have been hard giving any of it up. Now I have the luxury of being able to ignore him for a while, to work without feeling like I'm giving up important time with him. It's so lovely; just a wonderful free feeling. Maybe we can do this. Fingers crossed.

I took a break partway through and cleared off one of his shelves and put my books on it. Alphabetized them too -- both the ones I'd read, and the ones I hadn't yet. Very satisfying, even though it's only about fifteen books (some left here previously, and some I brought with me). It's amazing how my books help make the space mine. Very comforting.

Now I've lit a few candles and I really ought to get to work. Will check in with y'all later, I'm sure. Have a good day!