Hi, everyone. Oof — I’m…

Hi, everyone. Oof -- I'm going to have to get back to doing these more often -- there's so much to tell you from the last week. I'll try to go day by day and sum it up.

Friday night -- Elissa's bachelorette party. Several of us females (I won't name names :-) headed out to the Sugar Shack (the only strip club we could find in Chicago that featured male dancers for women). (NOTE: If you're doing a small group, it's much more cost effective to go out than to hire a stripper -- prices for hiring in were about $100 for 15 minutes, whereas we got a 3 hour show for $25 each, which included two free drinks and featured 5 different dancers, plus the waiters.) There were lots of gay clubs, but since one of the people coming was very nervous about the whole procedure, we thought it would be best to go someplace where we'd be surrounded by women. Turned out to be a good choice.

When you come in, you're met by a cute man in a tux, who asks for your ID, takes your money, and tags your wrist so they know you can drink. Then they lead you to a table (if you want one on the main floor, make reservations first!) and offer you a blowjob. *grin* Well, not really. A blowjob is a long tube filled with whipped cream and some sweet drink -- Kahlua, we think. One of the waiters sits you down, straddles your lap, firmly puts your hands on his butt and then gyrates a bit. The waiters were a lot cuter than the dancers, in our opinion, less bulky, and dressed in white t-shirts and black jeans, rather than silly little g-strings. Then he pours the blowjob down your throat and kisses you. The kisses started out brief, but by the end of the evening, they were getting hotter. If you paid them more, you could take off their shirt and rub your hands all over their nicely muscled chests.

I don't want to give away the whole show -- it was pretty silly, but kind of amusing nonetheless, especially watching the women on the main floor hooting and hollering. They were also groping the dancers pretty freely -- I know it's their job to put up with it, but I still found that kind of disturbing. I guess it's just that I wouldn't want to do anything sexual with anyone who didn't really want to be there...just personal squick, I guess. Still, it was a fun show -- the cowboy and the space man (complete with Star Wars music) were a bit much, but one of them was a really good dancer -- good enough that I'd have paid to see him in a regular dance performance. He made up for the others that just gyrated their way across the stage. If you go, be prepared to tip heavily. I think we spent about $10-15 each on tips, and we weren't asking for much. The most fun was watching our friend who'd started out really reluctant turn into a raving sex maniac. She was drooling, I swear. :-) After the show we grabbed some food and went home to sleep.

Saturday -- Do I remember Saturday? Mostly hung out at Roshani's, I think? Maybe? Moved my stuff over to Elissa's, since I was planning to crash there and give R&J their place back for a bit. Oh right, we went toy shopping, and then went back to E&B's to play games. Nuclear War, I think the game was called. Everyone died the first time. :-) I think Adam won the second round, but his population as decimated. Bryan and I made Ethiopian food for dinner, then I went to Steve and Lori's going-away party (silly, since they're going away to San Francisco, but I got to see people, especially Curtis, an old friend who just moved back to Chicago, and Katherine, who cut off all her gorgeous red hair!!!) Party went so late that I crashed there, stumbling back to Bryan's in the morning after 4 hrs sleep.

Sunday -- I definitely don't remember Sunday. Tried not to fall asleep, I think. Sunday night I went downtown to meet Lisette, my bestest friend, and we went back to her place to watch Star Trek. She handed me a slab of sausage and asked what I could doith it. Dinnerwise, that is. :-) No pasta, no bread, no tomatoes, no onions...just some rice and spices. We managed. Ended up staying up late talking, unsurprisingly. It seems like we never get enough time to just talk together...five hours sleep.

Monday -- Monday was hell. I had 9 boxes to haul around town, pack and unpack, no one available to help but Roshani, who wasn't feeling well and could only drive (Adam helped a bit, for which I'm eternally grateful), and the weather was painfully hot -- the worst it had been since I'd arrived. We eventually managed to get it all done, but ick. What a pain. Monday night we picked up Jordan and went to have dinner with my aunt and her family. It was great seeing the kids again! They've gotten so big, and the two oldest have e-mail now...

You'd think that was the end of the night, but no. Came back to Roshani's, and logged in briefly to check mail before sleeping (I admit, I'm an addict). Paul decides to 'talk' me (Paul is a sweet ex of mine). We end up talking on-line for five hours -- then the connection gets flaky and we switch to the phone for 2 more hours. Well worth it -- it was a messy breakup (my fault) and there were several things that hadn't really gotten dealt with. A very satisfying and ultimately pleasant call. But god, I was tired Tuesday.

Tuesday -- Basically travelling. Elissa drove me to the airport; quiet flight home; David met me at the airport. He took me home and fed me, and then I fell asleep at 7:30. Slept 13 hours.

Wednesday -- Tried to catch up on mail (snail and otherwise) and did a bit more packing. Basically a quiet day, though had to borrow some cash and rush to the bank to cover a check 'cause of some silliness financially. All's well now, though. Spent the evening reading a children's book from the library, The Far Side of Evil, sadly out of print, and talking to Kevin and watching tv. Reheated frozen pierogi with onions sauteed in butter and served with sour cream. Jalapeno cheddar pierogi -- surprisingly good. Fell asleep early.

Today -- Finally! Not much exciting to say. Catching up on backlog of mail (seems like I'm always doing that). Got very behind in some writing assignments -- did one today, and must do another tomorrow. Packed a box -- my closet is almost empty. Pretty much just my dresser left. Reading the first book of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser -- Swords and Deviltry by Fritz Leiber. A fantasy classic -- I don't know why I haven't read these before. Have to find some time today to run Kevin's suit to the cleaners -- the wedding is Sunday. Roshani will be here Saturday morning -- she's staying with us for the weekend and attending the wedding. Oh, forgot to mention -- the bridesmaid dresses are lovely. Dark green, with white lace at the sleeves. Probably the best color for me Elissa could have picked. :-) Dinner with David tonight -- he promised me some of his yummy pasta sauce.

Heya. As you may have…

Heya. As you may have noticed, the diary is more erratic than usual these days -- it should settle down once school starts (August 21st). In the meantime, be patient with me.

So I'm on vacation right now in Chicago, visiting wonderful friends (in case any of them ever read this, hello Jordan and Roshani, Alex and Julia, Elissa and Bryan, Eugenie and Ben (who I haven't met yet, but hello anyway), Michael and James (well, James isn't here, but Michael's visiting, so :-), not to mention all of you I haven't seen yet at this point but who'll be at Lori and Steve's going away party tomorrow night....(okay, those last lines will be totally meaningless to the vast majority of you, but that's okay, right? :-)

Had fabulous Thai food Tuesday night (Thai Twin has changed its name to Thai Twee, goddess knows why, but I'm not going to complain 'cause the food has, if anything, gotten better). For some bizarre reason, Hyde Park currently has something like six Thai restaurants (one Chinese place, one half-Indian place (the other half is cajun, go figure). I don't understand it. But the Thai food is really good nonetheless. Wednesday night was Chicago-style pizza at Florian, also pretty good (they've gotten rid of that nasty sewage smell that was plaguing them for a while) and last night we met Lisette (remember her? I've mentioned her before) at Tucci Benucci downtown for Italian. Eating out more than is good for my wallet, but it's such fun. The Shells with Chicken, Mushroom, Sun-dried Tomatoes and a Mushroom Porcini Sauce with fabulous, as was the Portobello Mushroom and Roasted Walnuts appetizer Lisette and Roshani shared (and I sneaked tastes of). Good wine, too -- a red Classico Chianti, I think? Maybe? I know nothing about wines -- Lisette and Roshani picked it.

I really ought to start a separate food section on this page -- I talk about it so much. :-)

We had an oddly intense conversation about Sri Lanka and the war there -- Roshani knows much more than I do (and was there during the riots in '83) -- if we have time, I'll try to pump her for information to add here. Very disturbing, unsurprisingly.

Talked to Kevin last night and he says matters at home are well in hand, good. Kitten is getting much better (did I mention she had an infection and wasn't eating for days? :( ), so that's good. Hopefully she'll be all well by the time I get back (so I can pack the poor thing into a tiny box 11"x16"x17" and stuff on the plane for 8 hours with me).

Rest of the plans for the trip include a bachelorette party tomorrow night (Bryan and Elissa are getting married August 11th in Philly (her family's there) which is great, though a little weird, since Kevin and I got them together). We're actually going to a strip show, in the traditional fashion. I've never been to one before -- should be interesting, from an sociological perspective if nothing else. Maybe I'll get material for a story out of it. :-) After that it's the aforementioned going-away party, more hanging out with friends, packing up of some stuff I left in Roshani's dad's basement and shipping it to California, visiting Lisette again (she has the misfortune to live way up on the North Side rather than in Hyde Park (where all the cool people are :-)), etc. and so on. I'll be back in Philly the 6th, though I'll try to do another diary entry before then and tell you what the strip show was like.

> Hope y'all are doing well -- I'm pretty happy these days, though more than a little stressed and frantic. My ride to Pennisc just backed out on me, so now I have to figure out how John and I get to Cooper's Lake Campground on August 12th without a car (neither of us drives). Hope there's a train running the right way...

Ooh, I’ve been very bad…

Ooh, I've been very bad here. Sorry, but I've really had almost nothing to report but packing packing and more packing. Very sad. But I've got about ten boxes finished, and only a little kitchen and bathroom stuff (perhaps a box's worth) and some clothes left. Then I pack a suitcase for Chicago and one for Pennsic, and I'm done. With any luck it'll all be done before I go to Chicago. Oh, just so y'all know now, I'll be visiting friends there (and throwing a bachelorette party :-) from July 30th - August 6th, and at Pennsic (the SCA's annual war; camping in woods in medieval clothes :-) from July 12th - 18th.

I had a lovely birthday -- thanks to all of you who sent kind wishes. Much appreciated. :-) It was fairly quiet; lots of calls from family and friends, and Kevin and I spent the evening at home watching movies. Finally got to see the end of Pride and Prejudice -- Emma Thompson was, as expected, fabulous in this lovely film. Kevin liked it quite a bit too, so it must be good, since our tastes in movies are generally quite different. :-)

Had an interview with Debonair magazine yesterday. It was interesting, though I'm a bit worried that it'll be more sensationalistic than I'd have liked. Debonair is a popular Indian magazine, and the reporter was going at it rather from the perspective of here's a South Asian woman who's willing to talk about sex. Which is true, but rather lends itself to abuse. Well, he'll send me a copy -- let's just cross our fingers and hope.

Got some other good news yesterday, but I'm going to wait to tell you all about it until everything's confirmed. Wouldn't want to jinx things. :-) Stay tuned.

Hiya! Hope everyone’s…

Hiya! Hope everyone's having a good day -- mine has been very productive (though I must admit I haven't done the guidelines yet). I did, however, pack six boxes -- finished my books, games and half the kitchen stuff. Kitten got sick last night, and I had to take her to the vet. She's home now, though -- just a mild infection and antibiotics should take care of it.

Tonight is dancing, so I should get going. Plans proceeding apace for various trips and Sunday's birthday/going-away party (my birthday is Friday -- did I mention? :-)

Morning, everyone. Spent…

Morning, everyone. Spent the last couple hours revising lists and putting up moving signs on the old site. My neck hurts. I've got a pile more mail to go through. Ick. ugh. Sorry -- feeling kind of lethargic, but I've been putting off too many things for too long...

Gotta get the damned guidelines finished if Turning Bodies is ever gong to get off the ground. Okay. That's the next project. First I'm going to get some lunch, though. Talk to y'all later.

Hey, you found it –…

Hey, you found it -- congratulations! I made a small mistake while setting this place up -- put everything in an unnecessary html directory. Hopefully the internet-ireland people will be able to fix that for me -- the site dooesn't have telnet capability, and I don't seem able to move files remotely through ftp.

Sorry for briefness lately -- I've been awfully, disgustingly, terribly sick to my stomach for the last two days. I'd give you the details, but you really don't want to hear it. I'm all better now, though -- I just have to go through all the work that piled up (and deal with the disaster area my apartment became -- Kev was wonderfully attentive and sympathetic, but that didn't make it any more likely that he'd do dishes :-).

Hmmm...not much else to say -- you don't generally do much interesting when you're sick. :-)

Okay, I admit it, I…

Okay, I admit it, I didn't do the submission guidelines. No excuses -- I was just too lazy. Will try again today. I did manage to download a copy of Paramour's guidelines to use as a...well, as a guideline. :-)

Last night was great fun, English country dancing at SCA. Tonight promises to be a rather different type of dancing -- clubbing downtown. Been a while since I did that sort of thing, and I look rather odd in gothic black, but I'm gonna try...

Not much else to report -- it's too hot today -- gonna go spend some time in the lovely Borders air-conditioning.

Neat postcard from Unst, Scotland. :-)

3:00 -- Bunch of things happened. 1 - Realized I forgot to tell ticket agent that I had to take my cat oon the plane with me when I booked my ticket yesterday. Argh. Called them back; they were able to cancel the ticket at no cost to me (yeah!) and said I should call the airline directly for a new ticket. Haven't been able to get through to TWA or America West (cheapest fares for this) all morning. Argh again.

2 - Got e-mail from my first boyfriend. The one from like seven years ago. Very weird. We parted on strange terms. Wrote him back, but I'm not sure I really want to talk to him again. It took me years to recover from that relationship.

3 - Did the guidelines. Good me. :-)

4 - An Indian magazine, Debonair, wants to interview me. I don't know. I think I'll do it (the publicity is good), but I'm concerned about what sort of slant they want on the article, and on how my family will react. (My parents, you remember, are conservative, and somewhat unhappy about the subjects I choose to write about. It would cause them more stress if Asian friends called up about this ("did you hear what your daughter is writing??!!"), and I've caused them a fair bit of stress already. But I have a feeling I'm mostly agonizing after the fact -- I've made my bed, as they say...it's a little late to back out now. Fluttering guilt pangs, though. Does one ever escape the influence of one's parents?

H’lo everyone! It’s a…

H'lo everyone! It's a bright and early Tuesday morning -- too early, 'cause Chicago's system is still down (they shut it down regularly from 5-9 a.m. every few days for system maintenance). So I can't check my e-mail -- it's funny how addicted I am to my e-mail fix...when I was in Sri Lanka for three weeks last July I was definitely aching for it...:-)

Yesterday was a good day -- did a bunch of stuff that I'd been putting off (like buying plane tickets for upcoming trip to Chicago and move to CA; stopped in at office to pick up last pay check (and incidentally set up boss's web page for her (I promised I would) -- it's here, if you're at all interested in endocrine stuff), etc.) Also finally heard from Ellison (prospective roommate) -- I got a space in their house! Hooray -- I had other options lined up, but this was the one I really liked. It has a garden, and a piano, and lots of bookshelves, and two roommates who seem pretty cool, and it's pretty close to Mills (biking distance). :-) Also did my newsbytes yesterday (late!) and a bunch of admin stuff for the erotica writers' list. So all's going pretty well.

Today should be exciting. I'm up this early (it's 7:30 now) 'cause at 9 a.m. someone's coming by to discuss the possibility of my writing for erotica films (Red Shoe Diaries-type-stuff). I'm not sure exactly what his connection is with the field, but there's at least a chance that this could be profitable. :-) (And it would be a fun project to work on). Also today, I really must get the guidelines together for Turning Bodies. That's my goal. If I don't tell you I did it tomorrow, feel free to yell at me.

Y'know, I get all sorts of neat mail from people who read these pages -- postcards from soldiers in Desert Storm or Bosnia, letters from 16-yr-olds (who cheerfully ignored my warnings :-), notes from grandmothers -- a really wide range. I'm going to excerpt a bit from a neat letter I got this morning -- attributions stripped, to protect the sender. Hope he doesn't mind...I may do this more in the future, 'cause I think it's interesting, so if you really don't want me to, let me know in the mail you send.

"'...what am I doing, he thought as he pressed the keys on his keyboard, I can't be doing this on my work computer. I can't be using this to respond to the erotica I find on the net. I could lose my job for this. I can't help myself. I sit here reading this woman's words, feeling my pants grow tighter, my breathing faster, my head pounding, and I begin to sweat with the fear that I will get caught by a co-worker....' So it goes for the fifty-five year old, plumping, aged, graying engineer. He has spent his life performing the responsibilities of employee, father of two, and husband to a wife who no longer is an attraction for him. A victim of the system in which he lives. Now he is a victim of a technology that provides at the touch of his fingers, thrills equal to those of the teenage boy with his first dirty book."

He goes on to say that he isn't a writer, but rather a reader, and that the character described above isn't him, though he has similar feelings. Fascinating, as Spock would say. Btw, if you're reading this (person who wrote the above), you're already a better writer than many who do claim that title. Don't sell yourself short. And thanks for the mail...