Hiya! Hope y’all had a…

Hiya! Hope y'all had a good weekend -- I certainly did. Spent it visiting friends in San Francisco -- my cat was mad at me when I got home, but it was very pleasant and relaxing. Saturday several of us went to the local Renaissance Faire (fun, but I doubt I'll go again anytime soon -- it's *so* overpriced and commercial that it really started to get to me...) then my friend Owen made a fancy dinner. I'd tell you what it was, but I don't remember the name. :-) Saturday met some friends for brunch and then went shopping with them -- it's fun buying things with other people's money. :-) I need to buy myself some more furniture soon -- I desperately need a filing cabinet...

Not much else to report, except that I finally have net access set up from home, so I probably won't get much else work done this year...:-)

Hey, everyone! Gosh,…

Hey, everyone! Gosh, it's nice to be doing this regularly again...

So, today I added a little funny link about female masturbation, and have spent a bunch of time cleaning up files. Very exciting. :-) Ensemble class went well (did I mention I'm playing flute in an early music instrumental ensemble class?) and I think I'm going to pick up a recorder -- one of my classmates offered to sell me one of his spares, and it would be a fun instrument to learn.

Bunch more things I want to add to the web pages, and then I think I'll have lunch and then come back and work on those revisions -- that's the plan, anyway.

I'm going to the local Renaissance Faire tomorrow, and since I don't have access at home yet (complicated reasons), I may not check back in with y'all till Monday (or possibly even Tuesday, since I don't have classes Monday, but I doubt I can stay away from the computer that long). :-)

Have a good weekend, everyone...

--1:45 - Added The Newbie's Song, a poem by Kate Rushin, a Celestial Review, and finally, Ships in the Night.

Hey, everyone! Just had…

Hey, everyone! Just had a really great class -- I'm taking social dance for fun on campus, and the dance teacher had to go out of town this week, so had people substitute. Tuesday two people taught a dance they'd invented, and today I taught them two dances: Gay Gordon (20th century Scottish circle dance) and Hole in the Wall (English country line dance). They really liked Gay Gordon -- had a bit of trouble with Hole in the Wall (partly 'cause there were only 8 of them, and it really works much better with at least 12, preferably at least 16). I had half an hour/dance, and I think I'd need to allow more like 45 minutes for Hole in the Wall. Still, a lot of fun, and I think I did a pretty good job.

Otherwise, things are progressing rapidly. Yesterday was very productive -- as you can see, getting the web pages up was very exciting, as well as announcing the release of my BOOK! :-) Also got my roommate Ellison to meet my friend Cliff who may be moving in with us in a month or two (our other housemate, Gwen, got a job in Stanford, which is a rather nasty commute from Oakland). Cliff and I somehow started singing afterwards and ended up staying up till 12:30 (very late for me :-). I planned to go directly to sleep, but as I lay in bed an idea for a story buy kamagra uk smashed its way into my head and demanded to be written -- I resisted for fifteen or twenty minutes, but sometime around 1:00 dragged myself out of bed, made some tea, and sat down at the computer. Finished a rough at 2:30 and fell back into bed. Gods, I wish inspiration would wait till morningto strike. It took me another half hour to fall asleep 'cause my brain was still whizzing at full speed -- had some cool ideas for the cover design of my book -- sent 'em off to the publisher today and he likes 'em. :-) Yeah!

I've still got a few quick things to revise before my part of the book making process is basically done (though I'm gonna have a lot of signing to do once it's out. :-) Just cleaning up my introduction and the first story. Hopefully will have it finished by this weekend -- that's the plan, anyway.

Hmmm...that's all for now, I think. Tell all your friends about my book, y'all -- if you can't afford to buy it yourselves, you can always encourage someone else to drop dough. :-) Or maybe your local bookstore or library would like to carry it? Heck, why not your local grammar school...:-)

Finally, the page is…

Finally, the page is back up. Haven't quite figured out how to edit things yet. Soon, my pretties. :-)

Am currently way behind on my critiques for class that are due in an hour, so gotta run...

--5:45: Hooray, hoorah! It's up, it's up, and all is well. Are you pleased, my dears? Didja miss me? :-) I guess some of you know what happened and some of you don't, depending on whether you checked my old site or read alt.sex.stories, so the quick scoop:

1. A couple of weeks ago, the Ireland site went down. Just my pages. Rather distressing. I sent mail to the guy who gave me the free site. Days without a response. Sent mail to techsupport. Still no response. Getting very worried, as I (stupidly) kept no copy of the files with me.

2. I contacted my old site, thinking they'd have backups somewhere. Terrifyingly, they didn't back up that computer, apparently. Meep.

3. My publisher got into the act (yes, I have a publisher! Wanna buy my book, Torn Shapes of Desire?). He sent rather scarier mail (mine was more on the pathetic panicked side) to the Ireland people (tech support, postmaster, etc.). He got a much faster reponse. They said they were having technical problems. They did have the files, though.

4. We slowly badgered them into giving them to us (they wouldn't host the site anymore without money :( and they are now set up on the new site, space donated by the publisher. I'd give you the address, but you've obviously found it already. :-)

And that's it. Caused me an appalling amount of stress and not a few white hairs (well, silver), but all's well that ends well. Somehow I also agreed today to take on designing the web page for the Mills literary magazine, the Walrus. Should be interesting. Can we say 'overcommitted', boys and girls? I thought we could...

Otherwise, I'm settling in to California fine, although I think this weather is unnatural. I haven't seen rain since I arrived (actually, it did rain one morning, but I was in bed and didn't see it; everyone else went around with looks of bewilderment and fear on their faces -- 'It rained! In September! It's not supposed to rain till after December!!!') and it's been impossibly lovely. Cool in the mornings and evenings, warm during the day. I knew there was a reason I hauled up roots and dragged all my stuff across the country...though I kinda miss rain. Kevin tells me (he's from the area) that they don't really get thunderstorms here, which is really too bad, 'cause I adore summer thunderstorms. I guess I'll just have to visit them (I already have to visit New England in the autumn for the leaves and somewhere with snow for Christmas...oh well. :-)

Gosh, listen to me ramble. I missed you guys. :-) Thanks again to all of you who were so nice and sent me files and tried to keep up my spirits during the Great Web Confusion!

It looks like we’ll be…

It looks like we'll be back in business soon -- hooray! I'm running behind right now, so I'll just leave you with two poems I wrote recently. My Renaissance Poetry class is definitely leaving its mark.


Have you noticed that a poet takes up pen
Most often when it seems his heart is breaking?
Anguished lines from poor, tormented men
Poured forth in a midnight's fevered making
On tear-stained sheets, unedited, and then
Read to each friend in voices rough and shaking.
"Woe and despair!" they cry, then write again
'Til you long to shake them, force their waking
From such fevered dreams. I will not use you so;
He loves me still! My house is filled with mirth
And gaiety; and even if I know
That he grows restless (soon I think he'll go),
The world is rich in men of higher worth.
I shall move on, and sing no songs of woe.


What can I do to shape myself the kind
Of man you want, the kind for whom you'd stay?
Shall I turn sullen, brooding, darkly fey --
The type that had you left would have pined
Away to nothingness? You might then find
You liked me somewhat brighter. Speak, love, say
Whom you desire. I could be shining, gay
With dazzling wit -- wouldst love me for my mind
Alone? Silent still. Your silence speaks --
Pained eyes averted from this wretched blight;
These sunken depths. I have become a sham,
Disgust myself. This weakness in me reeks;
Yet still I vow, "I could have shone so bright
If only you had loved me as I was."

Hey, everyone. Was too…

Hey, everyone. Was too depressed about the web page to write for a while, but yesterday I got mail from the Ireland people promising that the files are safe! Hooray! They haven't gotten them to us yet, but soon...

So, back to the diary -- it doesn't feel quite so futile anymore. Had a really good time at my sister's dance graduation performance -- I wonder how long it'll be before I can easily just plug in the video of her performance here so you can all enjoy it with ease? :-) Also managed to squeeze in a day with Kevin in Philly before heading back to CA -- lots of travelling, but worth it. It was his birthday Sunday, which worked out nicely. :-)

(Labor Day)Argh. I am so…

(Labor Day)

Argh. I am so frustrated by my Ireland site. I don't know yet why it's still down -- no response to my mail to the guy who provided it. All I can think to do is to wait and do these entries just in case. sigh. Am in the process of setting up multiple other sites so this doesn't happen again. :(

So, otherwise in my life, I am totally overcommitted. How did this happen? Current projects that I need to do, most of them soon:

  • Homework for Renaissance Poetry class
  • Start novel (Dreams by Lamplight) over again for fiction class
  • Plot out bdsm comic book I'm collaborating on
  • Translate at least one, preferably three of my stories to screenplays because several people have shown interest, one with funding, and that's not the sort of thing a wise writer who wants to make money ignores
  • Get going on the erotic horror novella for Puritan -- not due for a couple of months, but those things take me a while
  • Revise "Was It Good For You" for the book -- should probably revise the essays too.
  • Get the majordomo software up and running to the erotica mailing list.
  • Design their web pages.
  • Find out what the status of the magazine is from my lovely editors. Solicit more contributions.
  • Figure out some way to get my computer fixed. The disk drive is broken, which makes it seriously difficult to bring work home (sure, I can cut and paste it to the net, but what a pain. I don't have a car, so I'm not sure how I can get it to a shop -- I don't even know what kind of shop I need. :( And my friends with cars all work during the day, which is presumably when shops are open. Argh.
  • Call the phone company and have another line put in so I can log in from home. (This one actually shouldn't be too hard to do).
  • Oh, and for some reason I volunteered to design the web pages from Skiffy, my college science fiction club. Not only that, but I want them to be interesting, so it'll probably be a fairly complex design. I'll let y'all poke at it and give me comments once I get going on them.
  • Not to mention all the unfinished revisions lying around, the quest I haven't finished on Holomuck, etc. and so on...

Sorry again. Not…

Sorry again. Not entirely my fault, as I've been without computer access for quite a while (and my computer still hasn't arrived -- I just happen to be at my friend Thida's office right now), but I'm still sorry you haven't heard from me in so long.

The move went fine, but I find I have no desire to do a post mortem on it. Pennsic was also a blast (much storytelling, dancing, flirting, etc (well, not really any etc. for me, but there was plenty going on in camp, let me tell ya)), but it's a little hard to describe. Picture going camping in the woods for a week, but the campground is filled with pavilions, you get to dress like Queen Guinevere (or Arthur, or anyone from 600 to 1600 A.D., from any country that had contact with Europe (just about anywhere but Australia (and there was a big Australian contingent attending!)), and meet quite a few kindred spirits and eat cornish pasties (and lots of more modern food if you wanted (they really really could use a curry stand) and dance and sing and make really huge campfires (oh, and there was a war going on, which lots of people paid attention to, but I must admit, I didn't go to a single battle). If you want to know more about it, you should really hunt up the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) web pages -- they're called the Rhialto, I think.

Not much else to report -- Mills is lovely, but a bit dull since classes haven't started yet. In fact, I've been bored out of my skull (read five books yesterday, which is why I'm not giving you a rundown on the books I've read recently, though I must note that _Resurrection Man_ is much much better than I expected, though it gave me nightmares). Made banana muffins and lemon tea bread (would you believe there's a lemon tree in my backyard? And many many plum tomato vines?) and took the muffins to a birthday party that Thida and Cliff took me too today, so am feeling quite a bit better. Still a little lonely when I stop and think about it, but I suppose that's to be expected. Bonk me if I whine about it too much.

Can't wait for classes to start. Glad to be back. No access tomorrow, but if I can persuade the computers at school to work properly (they were having trouble Friday), I'll be back then. Goddess bless.