The Ongoing Adventures of Gorgeous Gracie

Chapter 1 -In which Gracie loses her job…but finds a friend.

Grace Fitzpatrick looked down her glasses at the student
sitting in her office. It was difficult to maintain the proper
distance and respect between herself and her college English students,
but the prim outfits she wore and the glasses she didn’t need helped.
At least she hoped so. She would need all the help she could get to
retain her composure in front of this muscled football jock whose gaze
kept drifting to her chest. She tried to hide them as much as
possible, but Grace did have unusually large breasts, and there just
wasn’t that much that she could do about them. She tried not to look
down, hoping a button hadn’t come undone. They often did.

“So, Pete, it’s been a full week since I assigned that
memorization and analysis to the class. It was due Thursday and you
didn’t show up to class. It’s now Friday. Where is it?” She
endeavored to look stern, but her glasses kept slipping off her
elegant nose, and she had to push them up with a delicate pink-nailed

“Oh, I’m sorry, Miss Fitzpatrick. You see, I was helping a
little old lady across the street on my way to class, and a car came
barreling out of nowhere and hit me. I cracked several ribs and broke
an arm, so I had to miss class. I haven’t been able to write, so I
can’t hand you the assignment, but I memorized my analysis as well as
the scene.. Would you like to hear it?” Pete smiled up at her, the
light catching his perfect teeth.

Grace was stunned. She had expected some tawdry excuse and a
request for an extension. She had thought that all the bandages
swathing his massive body were from a football injury. To realize how
noble Pete’s actions really were almost caused her to swoon. But
wait…first she had to hear him recite.

“Oh. All right. Go ahead, Pete. I’m listening.”

Pete sat up straight in the wooden chair, opened that
wide-jawed mouth and began to recite. “Tomorrow and tomorrow and
tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day…” Grace was awed
by the power in his voice and the obvious time and energy he had put
into his presentation. She had been standing by her desk, but as he
continued, she sunk down to perch on the edge, not realizing that the
motion caused her cream-colored skirt to slide up her thigh, exposing
a few more delectable inches. Pete continued to recite, and Grace’s
heart was captured in a quick flutter as she gazed at that large, firm
mouth moving so…commandingly. When he finished, there was a long
moment of silence.

“Very, very good, Pete. And the analysis?” This was the true
test, since the boy might only have been blessed with great talent,
but little brain. Grace could never truly love a man who was not as
intelligent as she. He began to speak, addressing the problem of
despair with what was clearly a razor-sharp mind. Grace ran her
little pink tongue around her seashell lips, her heart rate beginning
to climb. He cited references, proving not only that he had done his
research but had understood it. Grace suddenly realized how
overheated the room was, and undid the top two buttons of her blouse,
opening the way for his eyes to fall on the tops of her delectable
breasts. Pete continued steadfastly, moving from exposition on the
historical aspects of the question to analysis of the motivations of
Shakespeare in writing the piece. Grace crossed and recrossed her
legs, trying to ignore the burning heat between her thighs. He
finally moved to a resounding critique of the secondary sources,
reaching heights never before achieved by one of her students, and
Grace was lost!

She flung herself off the desk and into his lap, dropping
hundreds of tiny kisses all over him as she ripped open his shirt,
sending buttons flying. Her chest heaved and her own buttons flew
off. Her immense breasts popped out of the brassiere that was simply
incapable of restraining them and Grace grabbed Pete’s head and buried
his still analyzing mouth in the creamy mounds. His mouth kept
moving, sending delightful shivers through her. Grace straddled him,
her slim skirt sliding up stocking-clad thighs to reveal the cream
lace garters that were her one indulgence. Her soft breasts pressed
against Pete’s hairy chest, and her fingers worked quickly to undo his
pants. His stiff erection slid out smoothly, and before Pete could
say historicity, her bare virgin cunt was swallowing his cock.

He pierced her in one vigorous stroke, and Grace moaned in
pleasure as they began sliding smoothly in sync. Pete’s mouth moved
skillfully over her nipples and his fingers were somehow laced
together behind her back, helping her move up and down on his lap.
Her velvety cunt milked his cock, and Grace’s nails dug into his
powerful back under his shirt. Pete hammered into her, slamming her
up and down on his rigid cock. Her first-ever orgasm came quickly,
and she buried her face in his massive shoulder and bit down hard to
keep from screaming as the fiery waves engulfed her. A moment later,
Pete’s own orgasm erupted, sending waves of cum up into her
still-shuddering cunt. He let out an animal groan, momentarily unable
to speak, and the two of them relaxed into a shuddering heap on the
sturdy wooden chair.

It was at that moment that the Senior Faculty Member swung
open the door of their shared office and walked in.

“Ms. Fitzpatrick! I am appalled!” The poor old fellow looked
as if he were about to have a heart attack, and Grace momentarily
regretted that it hadn’t been the handsome Junior Faculty Member who
had walked in. She was beginning to wonder what else she had been
missing in all the years that she had kept herself untouched.

“I…can explain, sir,” she said hastily.

His face turned purple with indignation, and he positively
sputtered his next words. “There can be no explanations for such
outrageous behavior. I shall see to it that you never teach again!”
With that, he turned and stalked out of the room, leaving the
sweat-soaked pair entangled on the chair.

Gracie shrugged and turned back to Pete. “Well, it doesn’t
look like I’ll be able to give you grades for much longer….but I
probably have a day or two before all the forms are filled out. I
think that performance definitely rated an ‘A-‘; why don’t we see
whether you can manage an ‘A’? A little louder, this time.” With
that, Pete enthusiastically started once more, and the sound
of…voices reciting Shakespeare echoed through the hallowed halls of
the College.


M.A. Mohanraj

May 11, 1995