Good morning, everyone!…

Good morning, everyone! Funny, I'm already doing much better at this diary thing than I ever have before -- I guess because I feel like I'm actually talking to somebody...

I had a terrible night, actually -- woke up trembling and shaking in the grasp of some horrible flu, but swift application of various pills and fluids have brought me back to my regular cheerful self. So cheerful, in fact, that my morning music consists of the soundtrack to Beauty and the Beast. :-)

In another hour or two my houseguest will be getting up and I'll be making crepes for her (there's a fantastic, and very simple, recipe in the Fannie Farmer cookbook - basically 1 c. flour, 1 c. milk, 2 T. melted butter, 2 eggs, 1 flat t. salt -- mix well and pour batter in approx. 1/2 c. portions onto a nonstick griddle and swirl it around on high heat -- add a little more milk if crepes seem too thick) and then plan to spend most of today reading (read Zelazny's Doorways in the Sand this morning, a delightful interstellar romp in an interesting style) and possibly playing Warlords (silly computer game to which I'm addicted) if some friends make it over later. A relaxing, recovering from the flu kind of day.

Only exciting thing to happen so far is that I met my new upstairs neighbor; Karen, a law student at Temple U. She seems very nice, and I got to tell her all about our slumlord landlords. Maybe she can get some things done before she moves in, like getting them to put hot water in the washing machines. Oh, the travails of a student lifestyle! :-)

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Okay, so *now* it seems…

Okay, so *now* it seems that other people can see the background in color, and I can't, even though I use Netscape. Oy, gevalt! Guess I'll spend today trying to download version 2.whatever, and hope that helps. Doesn't make much sense, though, since I can see *other* people's background colors.

Last night we borrowed a friend's copy of Hannah and Her Sisters, a classic Woody Allen movie. It was great, and funny, and the woman who played Hannah's young sister (Lee?) was gorgeous. On the other hand, I found Woody Allen's character (the neurotic hypochondriac (actually they're all neurotic, but he was annoyingly so)), to be overblown and irritating and rather pointless in his search for the meaning of life. I thought Woody had a bit more subtlety than this.

Latkes with applesauce for dinner last night -- if you catch this within a couple weeks of my writing it, you can finger for the recipe. If you miss it there, you can probably ask on; I think Mort (David Mortman, a friend of mine from college) is a moderator of the group. Potatoes and onions and eggs -- good, but greasy. If anyone knows a non-grease-laden recipe for latkes I'd be happy (and astonished) to hear it.

Addendum -- ignore that first paragraph. It's working now. Argh. Colors almost entirely switched over -- hope y'all like the new ones -- I think they're easier on the eyes. Unfortunately, it does mean that all my nice little HR html line things seem to have disappeared -- guess I need to draw my own or something. Nuisance.

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Hey, everyone. So I’ve…

Hey, everyone. So I've been banging my head against the problem of trying to get my background to come in colors -- don't know what's wrong with it. I think I'll try to put a quick background .gif together and see if that works better. The whole thing is driving me bonkers.

I'm also starting to consider starting a mailing list for people who write/ produce erotica/porn, something that distributes current market info and allows us to chat. I'd be happy to get any feedback on that idea.

I finished Busman's Honeymoon last night -- it's not as good a mystery as many of her other books, but it allows you to indulge yourself in voyeuristic enjoyment of the Wimsey/Vane romance. Again, there was an entire *page* in French -- I tried to get a friend to translate over the phone, but we gave up after two sentences because I couldn't pronounce things correctly and spelling it out took too long. I have to buy a French/English dictionary one of these days. I have to learn French. I have to brush up my Spanish. I have to learn Italian and German and Latin....oh well. That's a subject on which I could ramble forever -- all the things I want to learn...(piloting and hang-gliding and singing and serious dance and self-defense and martial arts and on and on and on...)

Other than that, had friends over for dinner last night and made: potato curry, Sri Lankan fried eggs, tumeric beans and carrots, bananas sauteed in butter and cinnamon (not healthy!) and rice with mango/ginger chutney. Yum. I love cooking. Oh, and chocolate chip cookies. Hmmm...I think that's enough for now - time to go find some breakfast.

Mary Anne's Potato Curry

4 large Idaho potatoes, peeled and chopped into large chunks
4 medium yellow onions, peeled and diced fine
1/2 t. black mustard seed
1/2 t. cumin seed
2 cooking spoons vegetable oil (by cooking spoon I mean a large stirring spoon -- each is about 2-3 T, I think?)
2 cooking spoons ketchup (you can use tomatoes if you want, but my *mom* used ketchup, so it's definitely authentic)
2 heaping t. Sri Lankan curry powder (this is the red kind, that you can only buy in the Indian part of town)
1 flat t. salt
1/2 c. milk

1. Fry onions in oil with mustard seed and cumin seeds until onions are golden/translucent (not brown). Add curry powder and fry one minute, until you start to cough. Immediately add ketchup, salt, milk and potatoes.

2. Lower heat to medium (it was on high before :-) and add enough water so the potatoes don't burn. Cover and cook until potatoes are cooked through. Serve over white rice, preferably basmati.

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Crazy day today — one…

Crazy day today -- one person in my office got fired, and another is out with kidney stones, so everything's frantic. Nonetheless, I managed to steal a few minutes to babble here. :-) Acting on a suggestion from someone who wrote in (I wish I'd noted his name, but I don't remember it now), I've reversed the order of these, so the most recent is first. This will hopefully make it easier to read -- it'll also make it a little easier to write.

Only interesting thing that's happened recently is that last night I started re-reading an old favorite of mine, Busman's Honeymoon," the 4th book in the Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane series by Dorothy Sayers. If you enjoy mysteries, the English, and understated romance, you *must* read this series (Strong Poison, Have His Carcase, and Gaudy Night precede this (and a few short stories follow it)). I'm indulging in an orgy of Britishness and having a marvelous time (I admit it, I'm an anglophile). My only complaint is that Sayers has a tendency to scatter French and Latin phrases throughout her novels (perhaps assuming that all of her readers can read those languages) -- sadly, the only language other than English that I can read is Spanish, and so I stumble through those passages, intensely frustrated. What I wouldn't give for footnotes!

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H’lo everyone! The…

H'lo everyone! The holiday was pretty nice -- Connecticut is generally gorgeous at Christmastime. I did miss the net, though. :-) Right now I'm listening to the Sophie B. Hawkins CD my sister got for me, and it got me thinking about an old love. So I wrote a rather mushy poem, which I'll probably decide I hate in three days and erase out of here -- so the only ones likely to have it inflicted on them are those who check in here between now and New Year's. In case you're curious, this was inspired by the same person who inspired Carven Paths and Renewal, which you can find in my moderately recent poems sections.


It seems that you
are still with me.

In the quiet spaces

I dare not dream of you, and yet
you creep within, tenacious.

You look at her with such eyes
as once you looked at me --
see something different, please...

...or my heart will shout
though I still my tongue.

She loves you, desperately.

Be joyous; be content, and do not
dream of me.

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Well. No promises on…

Well. No promises on this one, but I thought I'd try a diary, since I've really enjoyed reading some other ones I've found on the net. I'm not planning to include really personal stuff, but I did think some of you might enjoy reading about what's going on in my life currently. I warn you that it's entirely possible that it'll just putter out at some point -- that's what seems to happen every time I try to keep a diary.

So today I added an explanation on why I write erotica, updated the kids SF/F list, started this diary, gave my boss a little hat for her baby for Christmas, and am looking forward to the office Christmas party tonight. I'll be going to visit my parents for a few days, so I probably won't look at this again till Tuesday. Life is basically very good for me right now - love life is going well -- just sold a novella to Puritan, so as soon as I send them the invoice I'll be getting a nice, fat check, and it's the holidays!

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