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Kavya and I might have had a bit too much fun doing a photo shoot to model the sweater-poncho-thingie I just finished knitting for my niece. Kavi quite likes it, and is pondering whether she wants one of her own — in pink, though, not taupe! A quick, easy knit — recommended.

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Autumn Reynard

Whoa. I think I’ve made my first color work knitting pattern. Cool. Lots of long floats, sorry, but it actually looks like what I wanted it to look like. Weird.

Two sides of a fingerless gauntlet. If anyone uses this pattern, I’d love to see the result! I’m knitting it myself, but I’m slow, so it may take me a while.

(please use under a Creative Commons non-commercial attribution license)

I still like the colors I picked for it, but I admit, they look a little more Wonder Woman / Hogwarts than I anticipated, somehow.

Spring is my favorite season still, but autumn does have its charms.

This yarn is Lana Riga, a gift from my sister — finally getting back to this project after a long time in hiatus. First sweater-type thing I’ve made for myself; we’ll see how the sizing works! Ravelry tells me I started it in April 2015, when I’m pretty sure I was a size bigger than I am now. But I may have radically misestimated the size anyway….

Question — I see people saying that when you do a top-down sweater, you can check the sizing as you go. But the needles are in the way. Do you transfer stitches to waste yarn? Is there an easy way to do that? Feeling dense that this isn’t obvious to me.

Have now ducked out and picked up cheap over-door mirror (thanks, BB&B) for basement, which will hopefully make it easier for me to tailor clothes. I have a fair number of pieces from larger-size days, and I still love them, but they’re not nice enough to be worth paying a tailor to size them down, not when I have a perfectly good sewing machine and the ability to sew a straight seam — but I do wish Kavi was just a little older, so I could have her pin me appropriately. Pinning self = tricky.

(This is apparently my super-domestic weekend — I have been running a bit ragged with start of school, etc. writing and work stuff, and am feeling a strong need to immerse myself in space opera tv and textiles. Hopefully will be back to writing by tomorrow — we’ll see.)

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Finished blocking the first sweater-type thing I’ve made for myself. I’d hesitated for a long time, because it seemed like shaping would be trickier than sweaters for kids, and it was a big time commitment for something that might not come out.

Results — mixed, I think. This one is a learning experience. I love the yarn (Lana Riga, a gift from my sister Mir Mo Ga) to pieces — it’s super-soft to work with, and striped up beautifully. It took just over three skeins to make this.

The pattern I chose is fine through the body and fits well, but the straps on the top feel a little narrower than I’d want — I sort of wish it had cap sleeves instead.

That’s minor, though — a bigger issue is the flare at the bottom. It’s more dramatic than I realized, almost like a peplum. If I could do it again, I’d do those increases in a more graduated way, I think (instead of one increase row followed by one knit row, I’d do one increase row followed by two or three knit rows).

Now, here’s the interesting part. I don’t really want to add another layer under this, but I do want sleeves, I think. So I’m contemplating taking an inexpensive long-sleeve t-shirt, cutting off the sleeves, and sewing them to the armholes of this. That should work, right? (And I can hopefully frugally turn what remains of the t-shirt into a tank?) I’d love to have three-quarter sleeves added to this.

That’s the plan, when I next have a little time to sew. I’m not sure which shirt I’ll use — I have one in rose pink, and another in a striped cream-white. Will try them both, see how they look.

(Note: Ravelry project notes say I started this 2.5 years ago, oof.)



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