Suddenly Green

When I bring all the tropicals in, the living room suddenly gets very green. Which is lovely, but often, they don’t actually bloom for months and months — the duranta is blooming heavily now, and the jasmines are starting, but there’s no sign of blooms on the bougainvillea, and may not be for months.

So sometimes I add a few silk flowers for a pop of color. I’m not really trying to fool anyone, but I’ve actually had guests who assumed they were real. 🙂

This Dahlia!

This dahlia! I planted them so late, none of my dahlias are blooming yet, where my neighbors have been enjoying gorgeous blooms for weeks and weeks, so yes, I’ve learned my lesson, plant them on time (or even better, start them early indoors). This one has looked just like this for at least a week, and I swear, it’s taunting me. Every night, I look to see if we’re going to have a hard frost, which will kill it for the season, and not yet, but it could show up at any time…

(The others I’ve planted aren’t even this big, so this is probably the only one that’ll have a chance of flowering.)