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Two nice neighbors

Two nice neighbors this morning — one of them apologetically explained to me that the hyacinth she was picking from my garden was one that a dog had knocked over and broken (totally fine, of course, but it was a funny moment), and then said, “You know your house is our favorite.” And then another, just walking by now with her dog, called out to me (as I sat on the porch with my dog), “You make the whole neighborhood happy.”

The power of flowers. 🙂  And a colorful house for backdrop.  Pictured below:  Redbud tree in bloom with Mt. Hood daffodils on left, checkered fritillary and white Thalia daffodils, redbud with Ollioules tulips and blue scilla, and oh, one more tulip whose name I’m forgetting. Oops.

IMG_4557 IMG_4556  IMG_4563 IMG_4565

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Serendib garden journal: Time for the seasonal shift

This morning, I took the tropicals outside — it’s a lovely feeling. The house now feels less crowded (it’s a Victorian, so the rooms are small, and seem even smaller when crowded with my tropical plants over the winter), and the back deck is full of inviting greenery now. (Also some party detritus, which I need to clear away, so ignore that bit, please.) Bougainvillea, curry leaf plant, mandevilla, fig, hibiscus. There are a few more upstairs that need to come out, but I have to catch my breath first!

Later today or tomorrow, I’ll run over to Luurs, our local garden store, and pick up herbs and flowers for the window box planters and hanging baskets. I’m hopeful that this year, I can really get my drip lines and timers set up properly so that I don’t lose plants due to my inadequate watering; I’m honestly TERRIBLE at remembering to water such things, but we put in drip lines in the front baskets last year (using the snip-and-drip system from Gardener’s Supply), and I just have to make sure all the hoses have survived the winter and are working properly. Fingers crossed. If I could do drip lines and a timer for the back deck too, that would be amazing — we’ll see how ambitious we get!


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Serendib garden journal: Panorama

It’s usually difficult to get a full pic of the house and garden because there are cars in the way of where you’d want to stand, but yesterday, a space actually opened up. So here’s about the best moment of the year in my garden — it was just a little better a few days ago, because now the Thalia daffodils are starting to go. But still, splendid. I think my spring garden is pretty well established at this point, a strong weekly progression from March through May; time to start working more seriously on summer effects.

IMG_4729 IMG_4731 IMG_4735 IMG_4739

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Serendib garden journal: topiary

Our local garden club had a topiary workshop last week — super fun. You start with a form, stuff it with damp moss, wrap more damp moss around the frame and tie it on with fishing line, which disappears into the moss. Then you use a dibbler (bulb planter) to poke holes in the moss, pull apart a small pot of ivy into separate smaller plants, plug them into the holes, and use garden wire shaped into little u-shaped pins to secure the strands of ivy where you want them. That’s it! Soak every two weeks or so, either in the sink or with a hose, give it a trim as needed, and your topiary should last for years (the moss will dry, contract, and darken over time). I’m a little teapot…

There are lots of pre-made forms out there, but they’re pretty expensive. But I know how to bend wire and using a soldering iron, and I admit, I’m a little tempted to make a dragon topiary for my garden. Or an alien. Too busy right now, but maybe someday… 🙂

IMG_4672 IMG_4675 IMG_4677 IMG_4682 IMG_4684 IMG_4716

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These are from a few weeks ago; it got a bit hectic here! Viburnum, first in bud and then in bloom, peach blooms and apple (I think? maybe cherry?) buds, checkered fritillary with Ollioules tulips. The viburnum had a lovely scent; the peach buds are just a ridiculously pretty color.

IMG_4313 IMG_4566

IMG_4392 IMG_4318


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