I was going to dig up two of my irises and move them to the feet of the clematis, which have long bare stems…but I put the spade in the soil, found it dry and hard to work, and remembered that it’s supposed to thunderstorm tonight. Tomorrow will be a much better day for moving perennials and pulling weeds.
Instead, I deadheaded roses and irises. And pulled a few weeds, but only because they were really bothering me. Once I recover from that, will mow the lawn, before the rain comes…
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From a week or so ago — forgot to post these. The irises are mostly done now, but oh, they were glorious while they were here. And that week when the lilacs, roses, and irises overlap — just splendid. Porch photo included mostly because I am a bit bemused that it took me six years of living in this house before I finally thought to get sufficient porch furniture, instead of just the swing that was already there; now that I have it, I spend a ridiculous amount of time out there, and Kavi has taken to doing her homework reading there too.

IMG_6540 IMG_6542 IMG_6554 IMG_6555 IMG_6556

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It’s peony week. Every year, I have the same conflict — peonies are so gorgeous, but they only bloom for a week. Are they really worth the space they take up? Yes, of course, we do not love beauty less because its life is fleeting (perhaps we love it more) — but how *many* of them? I have four shrubs, and I am a bit regretful that two of them are the same shade of dark pink. If I could trade that with someone else, for a different color…IMG_6792 IMG_6800

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Garden club Facebook group

Local gardeners! Please join our new group to share photos of your beautiful plants, ask for help identifying plants, exchange perennials, trade info and advice, and hear about our regular lectures, workshops, and other events, such as the upcoming Garden Walk. (And although this is officially part of the OP – RF club, if you’re in an adjoining area, such as Berwyn, Elmwood Park, etc., you’re absolutely welcome to join as well.)
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Garden Club

I went to my first Garden Club board meeting, and am somehow not only taking on updating the website (which was the bit I had agreed to in advance), but also creating and maintaining a Facebook group for it, helping another evening on the Garden Walk, joining (and possibly chairing??) the Civic Beautification committee, and probably helping with the Centennial celebration next March. Whee!

Apparently when a bunch of smart, hard-working, garden-wise women who are mostly my mom’s age invoke civic responsibility, it is very hard for me to say no.

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Serendib garden journal: Veggie garden


Evidence that the veggie garden is finally in, if messy. We built the raised beds last fall (kits from Gardener’s Supply Co.), and then yesterday, improvised beds on the other side with leftover bricks from the construction work seven years ago. Someday I’ll get rid of those bricks, but not yet! I watered last night, and again this morning, and they seem to mostly be recovering from the weeks of neglectful sitting in their pots on the back deck.  Water is a miracle.


This is more ambitious veggie planting than I’ve ever done — we have strawberries, raspberries, snap peas, beans, corn, squash of multiple kinds, pumpkin, cucumber, kale, arugula, rainbow chard, tomatoes, tomatillos, and possibly something else I’ve forgotten. Plus the herbs and hot peppers in the hanging planters on the deck.


The last time I had a vegetable garden even close to this was back in my master’s program, where I rented a room in a house that had an already developed vegetable garden area. That was 1996 – 1999, so, lord, almost 20 years ago? I’ve only done tomatoes, herbs, and hot peppers since then, so I feel like I’m pretty much starting from scratch. I did remember to plant the squash, corn, and beans close together, because they’re good for each other in some mysterious way, but beyond that — we’ll just have to see. This is going to be a process of trial and error.


We rototillered compost into the somewhat clayish soil to improve it, and after WisCon, I’ll come back and put down mulch between the rows so it’s easier to walk on and less weed-prone.

Now the real question — can I keep it watered and weeded all summer long? And I have to remember to put netting on the peach tree this year, so the squirrels don’t steal them all, like they did last year. We got one perfect peach, but the rest became squirrel food…

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I can’t quite figure out what to do with these. My original thought was to do a chapbook of cancer poems, and I still want to do that (thanks again to those who donated in support). Some of the poems are garden-ish, so I’ve been working on garden-themed illustrations for those four.

I was thinking I’d scan those images in for the chapbook, then mat these, and have the originals for sale at the con. But I have a fair bit of work already for WisCon, between photo prints and dried botanicals. Should I hang these four as well? I can’t tell if these are any good at all; I’m too new to drawing to be able to judge my own work right now.

I’m also not sure, realisitically, that I’ll have time to have the chapbook done well before I leave for WisCon. I’ve been having some trouble with the layout issues. I’ll take another stab at it in the morning, when my brain is less fuzzy.crocusdetailillo snowdropsillo solarizationillo solsticeillo tornado

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