Garden puttering….

Garden puttering. Cleaned out potting bench and indoor shelf. Transplanted some creeping charlie into hellstrip -- only did about a quarter of the strip, may mix it up with something else in the middle (sweet woodruff, perhaps), and then more charlie on the other side -- pondering. Pulled first dandelions of the season -- I like them fine in a far away field, not in my garden. Dug out some crab grass, and poisoned the burdock. I know, I know, but I used a very tiny, focused amount of poison just on the burdock leaves directly, and it's right next to the road, so very far away from the back yard where we grow our veggies. Last year's digging efforts completely failed at containing the burdocks -- I have cried mercy, and surrendered. I am trying to learn to love the maintenance tasks -- they are not as immediately glamorous as putting in flowers, but they do give long-term satisfaction. It's awfully nice looking out at a patch of dandelion-free ground, even if you know that pleasure will not last. But I'm going to put some mulch down shortly, which should help!
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