Sun Salutations

Nice morning in Columbus. I woke up, realized I should pack before our 9:30 pick-up, so did that while eating leftover Indian food (if you stir the rice into the sauce, it won’t go dry overnight, and while it would be better heated, room temperature the next morning is okay with me) and listening to an episode of GBBO Masterclass — Mary and Paul nattering on about eclairs is remarkably soothing.

I had a little time, so before getting properly dressed, I tried a 7-minute yoga video on YouTube, on sun salutations, reminding me of the sequence. (

It’s been SO LONG since I did yoga; I’d really forgotten how the sun salutation went. I’m going to try to do this video a few times this week, get the pattern back into my body. Even just doing 3-4 of these makes me feel more awake, more present in my body, more stretched and comfortable, with the blood flowing. I swear, I think better after exercise, though it seems goofy to think that more blood is flowing to my brain, more oxygen. Goofy, yet believable. Pseudo-science? Still, so much of my day is sitting at a desk in front of a computer (or bent over a counter repetitively cutting trays of sweets right now); I need to find ways to fit more varied movement in, and little bits of yoga sound perfect to spot through the day. The question is, can I make it a habit?

When I’d finished yoga and dressing, I came downstairs and had the hotel people print me out 20 copies of my handout for today’s class on building characters around identities. Scott’s wife kindly picked us up (me and the other facilitators, Nick Mamatas and Chiwan Choi) and brought us over to the Streetlight Guild. I only interrogated Scott a little bit about the building (I poked my nose into the basement, and I totally think he can reclaim some more space down there if he needs it), before grabbing my coffee and retreating upstairs to the lovely conference/office space.

It’s rented out during the week, but quiet right now, so I’m hoping to get an hour of writing done now, while the others are teaching. Just have to stop procrastinating and actually start work. Maybe some music will help. Maybe the coffee will kick in. Maybe I will stop babbling to you all…


Parallels Writing Conference in the new Streetlight Guild

Parallels Writing Conference in Scott Woods‘s new Streetlight Guild in Columbus, Ohio. Totally jealous of this space! Want something like it in Oak Park…or in Austin? How amazing it would be to have a dedicated writing space like this. If someone wants to donate a small house to a non-profit, CALL ME.

 The Streetlight Guild has a wheelchair lift AND parking. Great job, Scott Woods! What a terrific addition to the Columbus arts scene!


Pizza and poetry! Parallels Writing Conference at the Streetlight Guild. Also, it doesn’t alliterate, but tater tots nachos are not bad! Odd, but tasty.


Home again, feeling ill

Home again, honestly feeling kind of ill. Got quite sick on the airplane, again on the car ride home. Hopefully it’s just motion sickness and will pass, but I don’t normally get sick on planes; hope I didn’t catch some kind of con crud or plane yuck. I adore traveling, but there are definite hazards.

I have a 6 a.m. board meeting call tomorrow with the Plurality University folks (they’re based in France and elsewhere around the world, so complicated international scheduling), so I’m going to try to go to bed now, get 8 hours of sleep, and hopefully will feel tip top tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


I cannot resist an ocean

Jed took me to the Manhattan Beach. We only had about 30 minutes to spare, but it was still absolutely lovely. 85 degrees, and once I got over the initial shock of the water’s cold, it was fine for wading in. If we’d had more time, I would’ve swam, as I cannot resist an ocean.

Big waves knocking me down = bliss.

Beach treasures: clouds and waves, pelican, iridescent shells.

Montréal. Taking a little time to post some trip pics…

Montréal. Taking a little time to post some trip pics…

Montréal knows its ice cream. Passionfruit seems to be a common flavor, maybe because of immigration? And also, why can’t I get a mini ice cream like that around here? I would buy ice cream out a lot more often, if I had that option!

Montréal seems quite lit up at night.

Sri Lankan food in Montreal at Restaurant Jolee, with plenty of Sri Lankan customers. Ah, if I could walk over somewhere to pick up a little pittu for breakfast… sigh.

Second best meal I ate in Montréal (best meal was the Sri Lankan one, of course) — duck, duck, and more duck at La Maison du Magret. Please note my giant space belly, presented at the end of the meal in appreciation. The best bit was the amuse-bouche of duck rillettes, which was perfection. But the rest was also quite yum.

We have Feast on a book table here at Scintillation in Montreal

We have Feast on a book table here at Scintillation in Montreal — I brought one demo copy, and people are SUPER-EXCITED about it. I think if I can actually get this book into bookstores, we will actually sell copies. Must hustle a bit doing all the production prep! Jed has ALMOST finished my ebook; I need to review what he’s sent, probably tomorrow, and then there are just some small bits to finish off. SO CLOSE TO DONE.

Note that we will be CLOSING BackerKit next Wednesday, so we can do a count and get everything we need ready for shipping on 10/31. So if you are wanting curry powder, lovely food notecards, postcards, Kriti Festival tote bags, etc., to be shipped along with early copies of Feast, now is basically the time. They should arrive in time for the holidays. 

The tentative plan is to still take book orders in November for a few more weeks, and then shut it all down for the winter, so we can start prepping for the real launch in early March.


Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal

Not U Chicago’s Rockefeller cathedral, but for a moment, I was very disoriented! Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal.

Walking up to the Basilica.


Even the ticket office at the Basilica is stunning.

Pretty money, flowers, buildings, doors.

I’m not religious (relaxed agnostic), but the moment when I walked into the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal and was met by this shattering gorgeousness — for just a moment, it made me *want* to be religious.

Which I suppose is the point.

So many fascinating details at the Basilica. I spent a lot of time appreciating how the builders used light, and also how they managed to use lavish Gothic detailing *everywhere*, while still leaving enough space to breathe. Stunning design, and also so interesting to think about how I’m evolving the religions on the SF novel I’m writing. So far, none of them are really about reaching for the sky, the light, the shine and sparkle, for one. Though that might change.

Back when I was coerced into going through with Confirmation, even though I had left the Church a year earlier, in seventh grade, I picked Kateri Tekakwitha as my saint. She refused to marry the man her father picked for her.

Here endeth the lesson.