Brian just asked me…

Brian just asked me about Holomuck, so I thought I'd provide a link to it for you (hope I did it right). It's an interactive space, with a fun theme and built in large part by me. :-) If you visit, please stop by the nightclub -- free drinks on me and the strip show is quite tasteful. You might also enjoy the Narnian quest I just finished...or you could just go shopping at the bazaar on Deva; I have a weapons shop there. If you happen to be on at the same time as me, I go by Kateri there.

Other than that, great dance class, as usual, pleasant weather, gotten a little colder and a lot wetter today and the weekend is supposedly going to be horrible. If it's not too bad tonight, I'll go up to the First Friday folk sing...otherwise, it's curl up with a good book, hot chocolate and a fire for the weekend, I think. Am currently muchly enjoying a selection of essays by Barbara Kingsolver, one of the better contemporary mainstream writers around - her Pigs in Heaven is really good. A selection from the first essay in High Tide in Tucson:

"In my own worst seasons I've come back from the colorless world of despair by forcing myself to look hard, for a long time, at a single glorious thing: a flame of red geranium outside my bedroom window. And then another: my daughter in a yellow dress. And another: the perfect outline of a full, dark sphere behind the crescent moon. Until I learned to be in love with my life again. Like a stroke victim retraining new parts of the brain to grasp lost skills, I have taught myself joy, over and over again.

"It's not such a wide gulf to cross, then, from survival to poetry. We hold fast to the old passions of endurance that buckle and crack beneath us, dovetailed, tight as a good wooden boat to carry us onward. And onward full tilt we go, pitched and wrecked and absurdly resolute, driven in spite of everything to make good on a new shore. To be hopeful, to embrace one possibility after another--that is surely the basic instinct. Baser even than hate, the thing with teeth, which can be stilled with a tone of voice or stunned by beauty. If the whole world of the living has to turn on the single point of remaining alive, that pointed endurance is the poetry of hope. The thing with feathers."

It's better in context, of course. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Busy busy day at the…

Busy busy day at the office. Just a quick note to say hi! Been spending what free time I have today working on finishing up a quest I'm building on Holomuck -- come play! :-) All's well -- will type more tomorrow. Oh, added some more links. Whomever sent me that gnostic church link -- it was interesting. Meant to mention it here, but system went down, and I lost it.

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Afternoon, everyone….

Afternoon, everyone. Just added a new section of quotes -- writers on writing. Some funny stuff. :-) Feel free to send me any others you might have.

Let's see...not much new to report. I'm definitely doing another novella for Puritan (and cannibalizing my poor novel-in-hiatus to do it quickly). About 1/2 done already, though I doubt the rest will go nearly as fast. Which is fine, since it's not due till June. :-)

Turns out that 'stairs' is the correct answer for the riddle. So here's another -- "What's too much for one, enough for two, but not enough for three?" Love and marriage were not the correct answers (though I doubt it's because the game designers were progressive or poly. :-)

Btw, I regularly get requests from people to look at their sites and provide links back to them. I mostly turn those down, but the funny/ interesting ones I do put in links too (spread the wealth :-). So if any of you regular readers want to suggest a home page (or favorite link), please feel free to do so. Don't be too distressed if I don't add it, though -- despite the recent proliferation of new links on my home page, I do *try* to keep it fairly clean and focused. As it gets more crowded, I'll probably start moving things like the miscellaneous stuff to separate pages, at least.

Am now rereading a de Lint novel, Yarrow, partly because I love his writing, and partly in the hopes that it will inspire me. He's one of those writers I'd really like to be able to write like (along with LeGuin, McKillip, Butler...). Hope it helps. This one is a delightful story about a writer, pleasingly self-referential.

Looking back, I realize that I've posted far fewer recipes than I used to. That's because I've been awfully busy lately, and subsisting on muffins, juice, hot dogs and ramen. (Dave made me spaghetti last night, a welcome change. :-) I'll start eating real food again soon, promise. I did buy some yummy mango slices and frozen vanilla/ raspberry yoghurt, which go deliciously together.

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Hiya! Great dance class…

Hiya! Great dance class last night -- Sara (normal teacher) was out, and the sub was this cute black guy who could really move his hips (I wish my hips did that...:-). A little more funky than I know how to be, but lots of fun to attempt (I'm sure we looked appallingly silly :-).

I just realized I have to pay taxes soon (again!). Ick. I hope estimated quarterly aren't hard. On the good side, talked to my editor at Puritan today, and he definitely wants me to do another novella for them. I promised him a South Asian fantasy-type thing, possibly opening with a slave auction. Shouldn't be hard to write once I come up with a plot -- but I'm not sure where to get said plot. We'll see...

Oh, thanks for the input on the riddle -- so far I've had 'temperature', 'staircase' and 'moods' suggested to me. I'll try them out as soon as the darn keyboard starts working again (Kevin swears it's getting better). I have big hopes for staircase.

Reread Pratchett's Eric last night and am currently rereading his Soul Music. It pains my heart that we are deprived of so many of his books here in the U.S. Unfair. Totally unfair. And stupid on the part of whichever publishers are holding 'em up... If you haven't read any Pratchett (poor soul), here's a sample to whet your appetite:

"What is this thing, anyway?" said the Dean, inspecting the implement in his hands.
"It's called a shovel," said the Senior Wrangler. "I've seen the gardeners use them. You stick the sharp end in the ground. Then it gets a bit technical." - (Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man)

Trust me, it's even funnier in context.

Oh, reorganized my home page yet again (and added some links). Now awards are on a separate page.

2:30 -- There's a cute writers on writing thread in misc.writing. Here's my favorite quote so far:

Flannery O'Connor: "Everywhere I go, I'm asked if the universities stifle writers. My opinion is that they don't stifle enough of them."

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Hey, everyone. Sorry for…

Hey, everyone. Sorry for the missed entry Friday -- crazy day at work with end of the month fiscal stuff. So I did a final count on the March diary - 1992 entries for March, averaging approximately 65/day. Not bad. Hope you all feel like you're getting your money's (well, time's) worth.

Okay, to recap the last 3 days: Friday was John's (another mathematician friend) birthday, and we had a party for him at my place. Cake, balloons, lots of food (too much, actually -- we've been eating leftovers all weekend), the whole bit. Much fun.

Saturday and Sunday were generally lazy days -- cleaning the apartment, laundry, etc -- general weekend things. Reread The Secret Garden, a children's book - made me want to garden! Played hours and hours of Might and Magic. Hey, maybe I'll post the puzzles on here and ask you guys for help. Some of the riddles are driving me crazy. What goes up and down but never moves? (not the sun) Several along those lines. Kevin spilled pickle juice on the keyboard, and then when he tried to clean it out, it stopped working (we're hoping it's just drying out still). Had to borrow Dave's keyboard. Very sad. Think good thoughts at my keyboard.

While you're thinking good thoughts, send some prayers Martha's way. I don't know if you remember her -- she's a coworker of mine? Her daughter died about a month ago? Well, her son died in a fire this weekend. If I weren't so stunned, I think I'd be really angry. Most of us are just bewildered, and if I believed in God, I'd be doing some serious questioning right now. This isn't even close to fair. She's a Catholic, I think. I hope her faith is of some comfort to her.

I really wish that last paragraph had been an April fool.

1:15 - Added a new writing link and a bunch of awards to my home page.

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Hey everyone. It’s…

Hey everyone. It's David's birthday today - if you know him (unlikely :-) say 'Happy Birthday!' Today is also a red-letter-day because I wrote a story today (which I haven't done in a while). I even submitted it to Black October's a mild horror piece, a vampire story that I'll also be sending to Cecelia Tan at Circlet Press (she inspired it with her guidelines for Cherished Blood (erotic vampire stories...). Now I'm thinking about what I could do for her Sex Crimes anthology.

Other than that, the weather is hideous (snow and hail), California is sounding very good right now, and I'm feeling buy kamagra gel somewhat sick again. Don't know if this is the medication or just a virus, but I'm getting really tired of being sick. Weather is horrible enough that I think I'm going to skip dance class and just go rest tonight.

I want spring.

Y'know, I can't put the new story up here, or I lose the ability to sell First North American Serial Rights -- however, I could put up a paragraph or two if any of you are interested in seeing what my sf/f/h writing is like. Drop me a note if so. I don't want to frustrate anyone...

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So I got a phone call…

So I got a phone call yesterday with fabulous news -- I got into Mills for grad school! (MFA in writing in Oakland, CA). Mills was pretty high up on my list of choices, and unless Boston U takes me (they rejected me last year), then odds are good I'll go there. Of course, now we wait to hear from the other schools and start fretting about financial aid...(but right now I'm just ecstatic anyway...:-)

My site was also named Cruel Site of the Day today. :-) Check the home page for the link to them...I've done some rearranging and adding stuff there too. Hope everyone else is having a good day -- I don't have much else to say...

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I’ve been approved to…

I've been approved to write web reviews - $5/review for 75-150 words. Seems like a good deal to me -- let's hope they like the reviews and offer me more. :-)

Life otherwise is still good -- had a good dance class last night (they're always good, actually -- the only problem is talking myself into going to them -- I've been pretty virtuous the last couple of weeks, though), then came home and watched the Academy Awards for a while. Really happy about the Chuck Jones lifetime achievement award -- he well deserves it for that animation. Was a little disappointed that Apollo 13 didn't win best picture -- oh well... At least they had Whoopi Goldberg hosting them -- I adore her. :-) And Emma Thompson and Robin Williams were both fabulous introducers, as expected.

I only watched about half, but someone who watched the whole thing posted this to a private mailing list I read: "The Oscars were such a treat last night. Not only did one of the technical winners thank his male lover, but after the presentation of the song "Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman?", Whoopi, the host of the show, said: "If I told you the answer to that question, would you still be my friend?" and then smirked in a way only she can. ::snap::
Whoopi may be the most visible bisexual on the planet now!"

Another small step...didn't I say she was cool? :-)

Not much else to say -- slow day. Hope you all are doing well...

3:30 -- Added a bunch of new links to the home page miscellaneous...

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Morning, everyone….

Morning, everyone. (There are approximately 62 of you reading this -- isn't that good to know? I'm tempted to have you send in bios so you can introduce yourselves to each other...:-). It's a beautiful spring day today (finally!), which has put me in a good mood. I also have dance class tonight (I almost went to a class Saturday as well, but decided that might be overdoing it a bit :-), which is good. And I had a great weekend...

I told you that I had friends coming from out of town, right? So Alex and Julia arrived Friday afternoon; we spent Friday evening cooking a big dinner and talking and hanging out; Saturday got up outrageously early 'cause the guys (Alex and Kevin) were playing in a go tournament that started at some ridiculous hour; Julia and I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, (I especially love the Romantics, the medieval and the Asian art (they did a really gorgeous job recently of renovating the latter two display areas, with actual architecture from the appropriate areas), and then had a long and decadent lunch (wine in the afternoon :-) and caught up on gossip before going to watch the tournament (Kevin won 3/4, Alex 1/4 (but Alex's first game was against the US Champion, and his last opponent was also extremely strong, so we'll forgive him :-) and then we headed home to play Magic and talk some more. Sunday was more laziness (made crepes for breakfast) and chatting -- eventually we watched a movie (Go Fish, great (if somewhat jaggedly so) film) and then they had to go... Very sad to see them leave, but was so nice to see them.

Stopped by Jason's briefly later. He has a table saw! I am very jealous. (I used to do a lot of tech stuff in college, and miss messing around with wood and sharp blades...:-)

Finished Original Sin at some point this weekend. Very good mystery -- pretty bleak. Excellent ending. Wish she'd go a little easier on her characters sometimes... Currently reading a collection of Le Guin short stories - The Wind's Twelve Quarters, which I am enjoying immensely, as expected. She writes so beautifully -- it's a real pleasure and inspiration, even reading her earlier work.

12:30 - Just joined the CIEC. If you're interested in fighting the good fight against internet censorship, you might want to sign up here.

3:00 - Added two of Kael Goodman's stories to my stories page. Kael is a really good writer, and I encourage you guys to swing by there and check them out. Also added a link to a sf/f/h market list on my home page.

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Hey! In an awesomely…

Hey! In an awesomely good mood today (actually, I've been in this mood ever since dance class yesterday :-). Helped along by the fact that my very good friend Alex, math whiz and inscrutable Russian, along with Julia, his girlfriend and my ex-roommate, have just finished a week of losing money at Atlantic City and are coming to visit us this weekend! Very very much looking forward to seeing them again...

Also added a new link to my home page - Random House has put up a Seuss page -- it's a pretty blatant plug for books, but fun nonetheless.

Not much else to report -- oh, someone sent me mail this morning telling me that my Alternative Sexualities in SF/F Booklist was recently mentioned in the Alternative Media section of Science Fiction Age magazine, which is cool. And several teachers wrote to me asking for permission to link to my Children's SF/F List. Which was extremely polite of them -- I don't usually bother to ask before linking, though I do before actually copying information over and posting it. A small distinction, but I think meaningful.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend -- I'm also feeling good because two exercises I wrote for my writing workshop show promise of possibly turning into a story. I haven't written much in a month or two (except for those two poems), and so I'm pretty happy about these. They were exercises on character and surroundings, each to be under 300 words and used to define a character. I include them for your weekend-to-be enjoyment. :-)

11:30 - also added to my home page from a fellow U Chicago person's page. Greg not only has some great Zelazny (god, I can't believe he's actually dead) quotes, but he has a really nice writing style and an enjoyable and funny page. Even though he's a physics geek. :-)

3:00 - Wrote another poem.

3:30 - I sent a copy of the poem to Jordan; he sent me back this, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Woken, I lay in the arms of my own warmth and listened
To a storm enjoying its storminess in the winter dark
Till my ear, as it can when half-asleep or half-sober,
Set to work to unscramble that interjectory uproar,
Construing its airy vowels and watery consonants
Into a love-speach indicative of a Proper Name.

Scarcely the tongue I should have chosen, yet, as well
As harshness and clumsiness would allow, it spoke in your praise,
Kenning you a god-child of the Moon and the West Wind
With power to tame both real and imaginary monsters,
Likening your poise of being to an upland county,
Here green on purpose, there pure blue for luck.

-- W. H. Auden, from _First_Things_First_

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