Hey, can I get your…

Hey, can I get your feedback on a call for illustrators? Please note, this is a DRAFT, not the final call. I haven't done this before, and I'm not sure I've covered everything an artist would care about. Advice?


Call for Illustrators (DRAFT)

I'm looking for an artist to work with me on a set of illustrations for my next book, Demimonde, a science fiction novel-in-stories, self-published by my small press. Pay is $1000.

The artist would produce 12-20 images, suitable for reproduction in black and white -- although if the artist wants to do color versions for the eBook edition, that would be terrific too; their choice. I've been imagining pen-and-ink type illustrations, but I'm open to a variety of styles and mediums. At least 5 of the images should be full-page; the rest can be smaller spot images. One of the images may also be used for the cover of the book; if so, the artist will receive an additional payment of $250. The book will be produced in three editions; an eBook, a limited-edition trade paperback (250 copies), and a limited-edition hardcover (100 copies). I would be purchasing rights to reproduce the images in these three editions only, along with promotional materials for the book, such as postcards, flyers, and a website; any further rights remain with the artist.

Please note that the stories in the book involve primarily South Asian-descended characters, along with some aliens; the artist should be comfortable portraying both groups. And several of the stories are erotic; I'm currently thinking images will be sensual, rather than explicit, but that's something that we could discuss. The stories are pansexual in nature.

If interested, please either point me to a website with samples of your work, or e-mail me up to three images as attachments. The book is scheduled to be published in September 2012, but ideally, I'm hoping to release stories over the next year as Kindle singles, and it would be wonderful to include illustrations with those (perhaps serving as the cover of each single).

Deadline to apply: October 31st, 2011

More on Demimonde: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1989320757/demi-monde-an-erotic-science-fiction-novel-in-stor

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  1. Do you think I need to explictly say something in the call about ‘I know it’s low pay’ or some such?

    I figured the whole small press, self-publish thing would make all that clear enough, and that more advanced artists would just look at the pay / work and decide for themselves that it wasn’t worth their time. I do that myself for anthologies and magazines all the time — there are lots that pay anywhere from $25 – $100 for a story, and unless it’s for a friend, that’s way below my normal rate.

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