4 thoughts on “Very pleased to note…”

  1. Wonderful Mary Anne. Have been following your journals sporadically but with enough knowledge to stay so happy for you!
    I just wondered if you knew when your edition of BIM would be on sale here in Great Britain; so that I could buy a copy here in London. warmest regards,

  2. Susan, I know I should know the answer to that, especially since I think it’s come up before, but I don’t. But I do see that Amazon UK carries it…

  3. Never mind, Mary Anne. In any case, I’ll keep a watch out for a bit. It would be lovely to see your book in a shop window. London loves to display the works of South Asian writers with a passionate aplomb!
    Will let you know.
    Do keep up with your good work and your fiery enthusiam for life, Mary Anne. You are a blessing to many.
    best wishes & regards

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