Another belated Sri…

Another belated Sri Lanka post. Just to record.

The last night I spent in Colombo, Suchetha and his friends took me out for 'a real Sri Lankan night out.' Which apparently meant watching a Richard Gere/Jennifer Lopez movie (in English, no subtitles), among other things. The movie was fun, and afterwards we went to a tapas place for dinner. I got nachos, which I thought would be safe, but, umm...well, I don't know that I recommend ordering tapas in Sri Lanka. But my margarita was good, and Suchetha taught me to dance the cha-cha. Then there was more drinking at the Inn on the Green, which was a nice quiet place to hang out and talk, and they had good cider as well as a vast selection of beers. The talk somehow turned to a rather explicit conversation about sex. Not what I was expecting, but interesting nonetheless. The conversation continued over coffee at a hotel coffeeshop, and we didn't wind things up until around 3 a.m. or so, by which point it almost seemed like we might as well just stay up all night -- but I'm not actually twenty anymore, so we didn't. :-)

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  1. actually it wasn’t ENTIRELY typical. when my friends and i get together (the other guys in the picture are Renuke (aka Ray) and Omar (aka “the camel”)) we usually start up at a cheap pub for happy hour, then head somewhere for more food and alcohol, and then somewhere else for even more alcohol and dancing, sometimes coffee,and then stomach settlers at a dingy little joint called pilawoos.

    unfortunately this was a sunday night.. so there really wasn’t much to do.

    and eris knows how, but EVERY conversation ends up being about sex and relationships where we are concerned


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