Well, rainbow has been…

Well, rainbow has been down since last night, so if you're trying to mail me there, no go. Please resend any urgent mail to maryanne@mamohanraj.com.

Had a lovely dinner last night, with a totally luscious Malaysian chicken curry (mmm...leftover curry for breakfast...) the focus of the evening. Jed had had a rotten day, but I think we managed to cheer him up a little...

Woke up earlier than expected this morning, surprisingly not really tired. It seems too soon for the exercise to be having this effect...maybe it's just a fluke. Glad I'm up early, though, because tomorrow I'm getting up at 4 a.m. (for a catering job that Ellie and Heather are going to as well; pays well, but oof!). Roundsing at the house this afternoon, and I'm going to try to go to sleep early (though if I go to bed at 8 p.m., the sun will still be up...)

I think I may spend some time revising bits and pieces of the web page today. I've been meaning to add a section on why I keep a journal at all, for example, and to redo the bio, and streamline some other bits. Anyway, hope you're having a good weekend so far -- talk to y'all later...

7:25 a.m. -- Added an introduction.

9:35 a.m. -- Finished _Skin_, talked briefly to Roshani, updated bio, including a new section on polyamory, about which I am very nervous. More tea now...(I don't know what I'd do without tea...)

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