Lazy Sunday, though it…

Lazy Sunday, though it didn't start out that way. Last night, Kevin and I went to the wedding reception of a friend of his (part of the reason his trip was scheduled for now). It was much more fun than I expected, but we ended up staying up rather late, and his dad and I took Kev to the airport at 7 this morning. Ick. 4 hours of sleep and still recovering from being sick and saying goodbye again (god, I hate long distance relationships) -- not a fun way to start the morning. It rapidly improved, though...

Took the train into S.F., crashed at a friend's place for a couple hours until I felt human again, had yummy Ethiopian food for lunch, then played 5 hours of Warcraft, an evil, addicting strategy game. Me against the evil orcs. :-) When I finish the game, I get to start over -- playing the orcs. :-)

Just made some minor revisions to the favorite poems page, including a new poem that someone sent me by a poet named Cavafy, whom I hadn't heard of before. Pretty good. I'm really very behind in updating my web pages, and everything else (combination of sickness and Kevin :-), but plan to work work work this next week and see if I can catch up. I have to at least bring my backlogged e-mail down from 100 flagged messages to 50. Not to mention writing another novella for Puritan (the erotic horror one) by next weekend so I have money to pay my rent....oh, and of course, there's always schoolword. :-) Actually, the schoolwork does take priorty, though that might be a little hard to infer from reading this -- probably 'cause I don't generally stress about it as much, although perhaps I should. Oh well...

I read the next chapter in that HTML book, by the way -- audio and video. I understand how to include the files, but it was a little unclear on how one would convert a regular audio tape or video tape to something viewable on-line -- maybe one wouldn't. I'm really not sure. :( It's too bad -- I was thinking it might be fun to do a journal entry or a poem or story on tape and stick it up here, so those of you who are insanely curious can hear my voice (I actually hate the way my voice sounds recorded -- it's all high and tinny, which is probably the way it sounds in RL, but I promise you that it sounds much deeper and more pleasant to me. :-) Something to do with echoes inside your skull or some such, I imagine -- I know a lot of people who complain about this phenomenon). Well, I'll ask around and maybe I can figure it out. Mills has a lot of graphic arts stuff -- maybe they'll have the tools I need to do this.

Turns out that an old friend of mine, Clive (a.k.a. Tanais) is in town and with any luck we'll be having dinner tomorrow -- that should be lots of fun. He's a friend of a friend I met in England a few years ago -- if I'm lucky, he'll still have his accent. I have a terrible weakness for accents...even if he had nothing to say (which he of course won't :-) I'd be happy just listinening to his voice. Did you see the movie "Far and Away"? Gorgeous Irish accents in that one. Absolutely gorgeous.

Well, I think I may go play just a little more Warcraft -- my brain is still pretty mushy from lack of sleep. Good luck with the week, everyone -- don't work too hard. :-)

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