Gosh, it seems like it…

Gosh, it seems like it takes longer a longer each day to just do the minimum of net.stuff to keep on top of my life. Two hours so far today, and I'm just finishing with the journal entry. Ah well -- I mostly enjoy it. Would be nice to have a personal assistant to sort through my junk e-mail though....:-) Keep dreaming, huh?

I was feeling a bit tired and discouraged last night, but am better now. Firstly, because really I'm a very very lucky person -- I am so much closer to doing exactly what I want to do with my life (and with exactly the people I want to do it with) than most people....the last several years have really been wonderful. *grin* If I'm not the happiest girl in the world, I'm probably pretty close. Secondly, talked to Kevin for hours last night, and it turns out he can visit after all (got something of a deal on a ticket from Philly)! Calloo, callay, as Jabberwocky says! I really have been going around all morning feeling like 'chortling with joy'. :-) He can also time it to coincide with a teaching break, which means he gets to come for ten whole days...

Funny thing happened yesterday. I got out of the Renaissance Poetry class sometime around noon, right? Went to the computer room, worked for a while, started feeling tired, checked my watch. 1:15. Felt really tired, so I decided to go home, eat some lunch, try to work from home. Walked home, ate something, looked at my watch again. 1:15. Looked at the kitchen clock, startled. Turned out it was actually after 6. I've heard of getting lost in your work, but this is ridiculous. No wonder I was tired and hungry...

You know, I've been moaning a bit about how busy and tired I am -- well, that's true, but I don't want y'all to get the wrong idea. So much of the time I'm just enjoying the peace, the calm in which to work, the lovely campus and the lack of a really rigid schedule. I HATE the 9-to-5 thing -- I hope I never have to do it again.

Well, I need to finish up here and run to class -- today they hack apart my newest story, "Interruptions". Let's hope they like it. :-) Have a good day, everyone.

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