Okay, so I went back and…

Okay, so I went back and finished the recipe on Sunday's entry -- I'll continue the rest of the entry here...

Saturday -- Well, it took a while cleaning up from the party (still not *quite* finished), and then Cat and I just hung out and talked for several hours. Most pleasant. That evening I went into the city to meet Sherman -- his parents very kindly had invited us to dinner (there's a really good Indian place at Haight and Fillmore -- don't remember the name, but it was the best restaurant Indian I've had in a while) and Gilbert & Sullivan. :-) I haven't seen much G&S (I love Pirates :-), and while this one wasn't supposed to be a very good one (the Sorceror), I still enjoyed it quite a bit. The set design was amazing (I did a bunch of that in college) and the costumes were also spectacular. Well worth seeing, IMHO.

Sunday -- Slow morning then we went into the city (that means S.F., as opposed to Oakland, btw :-) and attended the Folsom Stret Leather Fair. GREAT fun -- I was amazed at what they allowed on the public streets. It started fairly tame, with lots of booths selling queer stuff and such, then a bunch of bdsm gear, then we got into the demos....people were doing some fairly serious stuff on a rack (advertising for Bondage a Go Go, a local club), with cane and cat and even a little knife-play, though they seemed to be trying pretty hard not to break the skin, for which I admit to being grateful (I'm not easily squicked, but blood....oof. Not my thing.) It was really interesting, though. Another group was raising money for an AIDS charity with public spankings -- they managed to raise $100 for one Boy Scout(tm) (adult :-) alone...

Afterwards, got Ethiopian food (Axum Cafe has amazingly good cheap Ethiopian food on Haight) and retired to Sherman's for ice cream and television. John Woo is this apparently famous director (I know nothing about film), a favorite of Sherman's, and he had just remade for American tv a movie of his, "Once a Thief", I think the title was. It was on last night -- Sherman says it was really different from the original, but it was incredibly good. Really a joy to watch -- we were doubled over with laughter at points and silent with awed admiration at others. I *think* it's the pilot for a show -- if so, the show should be well worth watching. And there's a neat love triangle with definite homoerotic tension between the two males (who are nominally contending for the female). All three are sexy as hell.

Monday -- Well, so far today, haven't done much. Saw Cat off to the bus to the airport, and dragged myself in to campus to churn through my mail and do the diary and update some bitsand pieces on the web pages. Got some neat mail from Lynn Flewelling -- she's a new author who sent me a copy of her Luck in the Shadows for inclusion in the Alternative Sexualities in SF/F booklist. I read it on the plane to CA, and in all the chaos then forgot to recommend it to you all -- I really enjoyed it!

3:15 --Just spent 2 hours sending mail to people about dead links to my pages. God, there are so many of them. I did a search on Alta Vista for 'mohanraj', and got something like 700 links. Then I tried 'mud.bsd.uchicago.edu/~maryanne', my old address, and got about the same. Then I tried 'www.iam.com/maryanne/' and got precisely one listing, I presume the one my editor updated. I have no idea how to get them to change all those other listings other than going through one by one-- I got through page 5 of their list. :( I get such pitiful mail from people who have been trying really hard to find my pages (and Yahoo *still* hasn't updated the links, though I sent them mail), and there must be tons who never noted down my e-mail anywhere...is sad.

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