Hey, everyone! Gosh,…

Hey, everyone! Gosh, it's nice to be doing this regularly again...

So, today I added a little funny link about female masturbation, and have spent a bunch of time cleaning up files. Very exciting. :-) Ensemble class went well (did I mention I'm playing flute in an early music instrumental ensemble class?) and I think I'm going to pick up a recorder -- one of my classmates offered to sell me one of his spares, and it would be a fun instrument to learn.

Bunch more things I want to add to the web pages, and then I think I'll have lunch and then come back and work on those revisions -- that's the plan, anyway.

I'm going to the local Renaissance Faire tomorrow, and since I don't have access at home yet (complicated reasons), I may not check back in with y'all till Monday (or possibly even Tuesday, since I don't have classes Monday, but I doubt I can stay away from the computer that long). :-)

Have a good weekend, everyone...

--1:45 - Added The Newbie's Song, a poem by Kate Rushin, a Celestial Review, and finally, Ships in the Night.

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