Quick note — I…

Quick note -- I apparently set up the telnet wrong Friday -- should be fixed now, so go back and try it. Hope I got it right. Would write more, but my 'u' key isn't working, so I have to paste it in every time, which is driving me nuts. 'm' and 'o' are also being erratic. Otherwise the keyboard seems to have recovered, but if I'm not careful, all the sentences look like this:

Had a good day yesterday helping Abby shelve boks at her bookstore p in the sbrbs. Had dinner at Appleby's (somemwhat ooverpriced American, bt not bad), and cae he and made frit tarts for dessert. Pleasant day. No foolk sing Friday becase of the hliday. Hope everyone's having a pleasant Easter...

6:00 - Wrote a new poem. Finished the Kingsolver essays inspired. Now listening to Yanni and rereading an old favorite, Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword.

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